The Construction App for the Field

The Construction App
for the Field

Fieldwire is free for small teams
Get unlimited sheets on paid plans

Lightning Fast Plan Viewing

Our blueprint app is fast, free, and works even when you are offline. A must have construction app for the field crews. Show more

Construction App for iPhone

Add unlimited drawings to our mobile plan viewer. Each one will be available for your entire team to view.

You can update your blueprints in the field with markups, annotations, and hyperlinks. The ability to produce your as built drawings on the fly makes Fieldwire one of the best apps for contractors.

Mobile Construction Management

Our construction management software makes it easy for foremen, supers, and engineers to share drawings, files and RFIs without leaving the jobsite.
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Construction Management Software

Our Android, iPad, iPhone construction apps are all connected together to let you share data with your team in seconds.

Fieldwire is a blueprint, punch list and construction scheduling software all at the same time, definitely one of the best construction apps to have in your tool belt.

"Our field staff used to spend 10 hours a week behind a computer. Now they spend it at the job-site."

Manuel Rosas - BIM Coordinator , Shimizu

Lean Task Management

Create and assign tasks in seconds. We ensure that the contractors on your project are always working on the most critical items.
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Our construction task management app makes it easy to assign every task you create by designating an owner, priority, due date, and category.

Team members can use the construction app for iPad, iPhone or Android to view their tasks and report progress accurately at every step of the way.

Punchlists and Issue Tracking

You can track thousands of issues, tasks & photos from the field. Our punch list app keeps your project data organized.
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Construction iPad

We combine several apps for construction projects into one. The app you use every day for punch list or construction management is also your building inspection app.

Quickly prepare your inspection walkthroughs with checklist templates, record hundreds of photos and schedule the punchlist report to be sent automatically to your subcontractors.

In a nutshell, what used to be done with several construction apps is now done in one place that everyone can access.

Mobile Notifications

Our construction app will notify contractors immediately on their Android, iPad, or iPhone device whenever a task is updated.
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Construction Mobile Apps

Mobile notifications are sent to everyone currently or previously attached to each task so that everyone is in sync.

Field users can then navigate easily to the construction apps on their phone and contribute to the task.

You can schedule an email digest to be delivered each morning with all active tasks as a to-do list. Boost your task management with accurate cost and time tracking.

"Really rather incredible. Straightforward and simple, yet its ease and sharing of drawings makes it powerful and sophisticated."

John Howell - Design Architect , Jacobs

Universal Project Search

Never lose anything. Our search tool will instantly find all construction floor plans, files, and project tasks so you can keep working. Show more

Free Construction App

Most free construction apps will slow down as your project grows. Search makes sure that our construction management software remains fast regardless of the size of your construction project.

Powerful search is part of the magic that makes Fieldwire the best construction management app out there!

Use our integrations to easily manage drawings and data.

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