Why You Need a Better Field Management Platform

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Field management for construction is the work that goes into coordinating, communicating, and collaborating on what’s happening on the jobsite. And while some construction apps do have a few field management features, only Fieldwire was designed especially for boots on the ground. Here’s why Fieldwire is the best field management solution for construction teams.


For construction projects, messages fly between the field teams and the office all day, every day. Your communications should provide the most current information to the appropriate people at the right time — that is, now.

Fieldwire allows you and your team to:

  • Communicate in real-time — no matter what mobile devices are in use
  • Use messages, tasks, and notifications to keep everyone in the loop
  • Distribute the most up-to-date plans instantly with two-way Cloud syncing
  • Export reports and send updates to anyone on the project, including team members who aren’t on Fieldwire via email

Does your current field management tool have these communication features?

  • Messages with context, particularly jobsite location?
  • Photo and video?
  • Push notifications?


Effective communication is crucial for coordinating complex construction projects. But coordination is more than messaging.

Fieldwire allows you and your team to:

  • Assign work to the people responsible for taking care of it
  • Report issues and inconsistencies and get clarification quickly, without time lost waiting
  • Schedule work with calendar, man-power leveling, and Gantt charts
  • Access the most up-to-date plans and specs thanks to version control and two-way Cloud syncing
  • Track and report progress

Does your current field management tool have these coordination features?

  • Task management with prioritization for assigning work to team members?
  • Issues and inconsistencies reporting?
  • Scheduling with calendar and man-power leveling?
  • Version control and syncing of all documents, ensuring everyone’s working off the latest plans?
  • Progress tracking?


Each construction project is unique, with its site-specific challenges and opportunities. Capturing useful information for reporting, improving productivity, and showcasing team accomplishments can have long-lasting benefits — and limit your liability.

Fieldwire allows you and your team to:

  • Customize your reports and report templates, making daily reports, timesheets, inspections, RFIs, and any other reports a breeze to create and share.
  • Integrate with Fieldwire’s API to analyze your data to optimize your current and future projects

Does your current field management tool have these collaborative features?

  • Customizable templates for scheduled reports (daily reports, timesheets, inspections, RFIs, etc.)?
  • APIs for integrating with data analysis platforms?

A best-of-class field management platform like Fieldwire simplifies jobsite coordination and prevents miscommunication that kills productivity, so everyone can spend their time getting work done.

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