Fieldwire Announces Robust BIM Viewer Tools for Construction Teams

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[San Francisco, CA, May 5, 2020] Fieldwire has released its BIM viewer, giving construction teams a comprehensive 360 understanding of their projects, including metadata on specific elements and tools to take accurate measurements — all from any device.

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There’s only so much information a 2D plan can show about a project. Details pertaining to materials, dimensions, and type of project objects are scattered, making it difficult to see everything in a single place. Fieldwire's 360 project view provides everybody on-site the complete context of their project — all the information needed to get work done without the time-consuming process of tracking down a designer or engineer, or sifting through additional photos.

“The model gives my team a more accurate perception of the future building and clarifies any doubts regarding the interpretation of drawings. We find the feature to be essential on a daily basis.”

Sergio Laranjeira, Preconstruction Manager, Grupo Casais

Fieldwire, the #1 construction management platform for the field, announces BIM tools to empower teams with 3D project views. Click to schedule a demo.

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