BIM Viewer

Easy navigation, access to metadata, and measurements

BIM Viewer

Save time and avoid rework with Fieldwire BIM

Like any great Revit viewer, Fieldwire’s BIM viewer gives you a comprehensive 360° understanding of your project, including access to metadata on specific elements and tools to take accurate measurements.

BIM Illustration - Conference Center

Mobile BIM software

Eliminate confusion with detailed, intuitive model views of your project on any device.

Take accurate measurements

Take accurate measurements in seconds to connect the dots between MEPs and architectural planning.

Decrease deficiencies

Access BIM metadata on project objects, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

Access model data at your fingertips

3D model metadata

Make more informed decisions and eliminate back and forth questions by accessing properties associated with specific objects. With one click, Fieldwire’s Revit viewer gives you insights like material, height, and more.

Grupo Casais

“The model gives them a more accurate perception of the future building and clarifies any doubts regarding the interpretation of drawings. We find the feature to be essential on a daily basis.”

Sergio Laranjeira, Preconstruction Manager at Grupo Casais

Multi-element measurements

Eliminate confusion between MEP and architectural teams with Fieldwire’s BIM measurement tool. Accurately measure distances between duct, pipe, ceilings, and more, directly on your device.


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