January Product Updates

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Thanks to your engagement, Fieldwire is now present on thousands of construction projects across the world. Here are the latest updates to the construction app:

imageThe best plan viewer on the market {: .product-image }

We reengineered our iOS app to render your plans instantly in full 150 dpi resolution. You just won't find better anywhere. {: .product-description }

imageFollower Access Level {: .product-image }

Want to add people to your project but only allow them to see tasks assigned to them? Set them as a Follower on the People tab. {: .product-description }

image**Pro Plan Expansion ** {: .product-image }

We heard your request and removed the user cap on the Pro plan. So go ahead and add more people as your project expands at the same low price. {: .product-description }

imageMore Languages Supported {: .product-image }

In addition to English, French and Spanish, our next iOS version (coming this week) will also support Japanese and German. {: .product-description }

image**Want more? ** {: .product-image }

We also rolled out a synchronization progress bar on iOS, gave the web project page a facelift, expanded photo annotations, enhanced checklists on web and now allow iOS to pre-cache all photos, attachments, and high resolution plan tiles. {: .product-description }

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