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Fieldwire’s construction management software provides projects with a fully featured blueprint management solution, making it easy for users in the field to view, edit and share drawings. Our construction app makes it easy to always keep your team working off of the latest information.
Blueprint App

The best plan viewer around

Access all your plans at blazing fast speed directly on your mobile or tablet regardless of connectivity. We optimize your blueprints as as built drawings on our servers to display them instantly on mobile devices in high resolution.
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Our floor plan app syncs automatically and works even when you are offline so that everyone is always on the same page. The speed and reliability of Fieldwire makes it one of the best apps for construction, so find a set of construction blueprints and get started on your first project.

Blueprint App for iPhone

Robust sheet version control

With Fieldwire you get unlimited sheets on paid plans. Our blueprint management system allows you to import and manage large quantities of construction drawings effortlessly. You can upload your blueprints as a multipage PDF or sync your project directly to a posted set on Box or Dropbox.
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We will extract the drawing numbers, version sheets automatically, and warn you in case of any conflicts. Our construction blueprint app will sync automatically and all the project members will be able to access the new sheets no matter where they are.

Blueprint App for iPad

Automatic sheet hyperlinking

Our blueprint software will extract sheet names automatically. It will also find all the navigation callouts in your construction blueprint set and link them to the related drawings and elevation views so that you can get up and running in no time.
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With our blueprint management system, what used to take weeks to set up is now done in minutes. Our floor plan software helps you keep your construction team productive on-site. Try our free blueprint app for Android or iOS, you won’t regret it!

Blueprint App for Android

Markups, annotations, & as-builts

You can add markups, annotations, and progress photos directly on your drawings while you're in the field. Everyone, from the foreman to the architect, has access to the latest information with our floor plan app. At the end of the project, you can export your as built drawings in one click.
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Our construction blueprint app brings clarity, faster decisions and better productivity on-site. It also provides you with a fully interactive construction archive with all your annotations, progress photos and file links for you to store at the end of the project.

Blueprint Software

A blueprint app for iPhone, iPad & Android

While the larger screen is great when you use our blueprint app for iPad, we understand that not all foremen can afford to carry a tablet all day. However, they still need access to up-to-date information. With our free blueprint software, you get your blueprints, progress photos, punch lists and tasks all in one place even on your smartphone.
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Our blueprint apps work great on both large and small screens. When it comes to floor plan software, definitely take advantage of one of the best apps for construction management today.

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