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At Fieldwire, we define a punch lists (also called snag lists, deficiency lists, or punch-out lists) as a list of to-do’s that need completing before a project is finished.

With construction projects constantly changing, staying on top of this list can become quite difficult, especially if you’re a punch list manager working with the wrong tools.

Fieldwire for punch list managers

Using Fieldwire’s punch list app adds both speed and structure to your closeout process. You’re able to conduct more efficient site walkthroughs and assign tasks directly to the people responsible for getting them done. This way, time-sensitive punch items don’t fall through the cracks and your project finishes stronger than ever.

To reduce confusion and speed up your punch process, follow these four simple steps from Fieldwire — identify, document, share, and track.

1. Identify punch items by creating tasks

Start by creating a task for your planned punch walk (call it “punch walk” if you like) and add in some checklist items (like “check flooring” and “check lighing fixtures”) to simplify the job for your project team. You can even save this checklist as a template for future tasks to further streamline project closeout.

Tasks and checklist items can be assigned directly to the right person using the "@" symbol, along with a category, due date, priority level, and more. You can even add photos and messages to tasks to clearly communicate the defect and avoid any confusion. ipad-gif-1-final If you don’t have time to create a detailed task, use Fieldwire on mobile to quickly document punch items while walking around the jobsite. If you see an issue, just drop a pin onto the plan where you found it, even if you’re working offline — they will sync automatically once you have an internet connection again.

Extra tip: You can also use the related task feature to tie separate tasks together. This way, your trades know if their punch list work affects that of others and rework is reduced.

2. Document punch progress by adding photos and messages

When you’re on-site conducting a walkthrough, open up your “punch walk” task and start marking off each checklist item as you complete your inspection. If an item isn't finished or there is an issue with it, double-tap the box next to the punch item to mark it as incomplete.

Instantly take photos and use the markup tools to further document the issue. Add notes or scribble and attach a crop plan to show exactly where the issue is on the jobsite. markup-gif-v2 Extra tip: If you stumble across the same issue in multiple locations, simply duplicate the punch list task by right-clicking, selecting duplicate, and dropping it on to the plan.

3. Share punch items or observations by generating a report

Punch list reports are not only useful for project teams who need to complete assigned tasks but are great for keeping subcontractors and clients aware of their open tasks.

From the desktop view of Fieldwire’s task dashboard, easily generate a PDF or detailed report by clicking the "Generate report" tab.

generate report

Use the wide range of filters to sort punch items by priority, category, hashtag, assignee, or location when generating a report for different trades.
Once that’s done, send your polished punch list report formatted with your company logo to your various contractors, architect, client, or anyone you like — even if they’re not a Fieldwire user.

Extra tip: To reduce the number of emails or calls you need to send about outstanding issues, set-up recurring reports to auto-send on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis!

4. Track open tasks on your task dashboard

From the task dashboard, you can also track all of the open or outstanding punch items, and, if you’re an Admin, verify completed tasks.

You’ll also receive a push notification every time a task is updated. This includes when new photos and comments are added or when someone marks a task as complete.

It’s important to note that every task created in Fieldwire goes through a two-step verification process. This ensures that issues are resolved correctly, making it a breeze to finish your project strong and reach a successful project closeout.

For more punch list best practices please watch this video or check out these related articles from our Support team:

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