50% faster with Fieldwire: How Tav-Sera Construction streamlined the inspection process

With Fieldwire’s building inspection app, Tav-Sera Construction can conduct site walks and inspections in half the amount of time. Learn how.

Tav-Sera Construction

  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Company type: General Contractor
  • Current project: Emaar Square, a mixed-use project spanning 8 blocks in central Istanbul

Building inspections. You either love them or hate them. Either way, they’re part of the job. Inspections, however, do not need to be painful. If you’re willing to ditch the paper and embrace construction management software, you can add both speed and structure to your closeout process, and avoid a whole lot of pain. If you’re not, however, you may continue to face the same inefficiencies that Gokhan Gokdeniz did.

The problem with traditional punch list apps

Gokhan is a QA/QC Engineer at Tav-Sera Construction, and up until mid-2019, he was using FieldView for punch and carried around a stack of paper for everything else. Information was scattered and easily lost, making it hard for Gokhan and his team to ensure quality on large construction projects.

“We were using hard copies of checklists and inspection requests. It was hard for us to print those sheets, share them, and try not to lose signed papers. It was a disaster.”

Gokhan Gokdeniz, QA/QC Engineer, Tav-Sera Construction

On top of this, Gokhan had no way to assign punch items to contractors in real-time, which further delayed project handover. Once he’d documented issues in the field, he’d have to wait until he was back in the office to compile an inspection report and share it with others. This process was slow, costly, and as Gokhan came to learn, 100% avoidable.

“With the Fieldwire app, we no longer carry any paper plans. All we need is our tablet or smartphone. If an inspection took 3 days before, it takes 1.5 days now. We’re doing them in half the amount of time.”

Gokhan Gokdeniz, QA/QC Engineer, Tav-Sera Construction

Fieldwire for efficient site walks & inspections

Using Fieldwire’s building inspection app, Gokhan can document issues with photos, videos, and comments, and notify anyone on the project in real-time. He can even create checklist templates for punch walks to further streamline the process, plus generate inspection reports directly from the field. That report can then be shared with the people responsible for getting the issues fixed, meaning there’s never any confusion about who’s doing what to ensure projects get closed out quickly.

“Before Fieldwire, I’d have to meet with the supervisor on-site to inspect the area. Now, he can see on Fieldwire that the area has been inspected and track how long it takes for issues to get resolved.”

Gokhan Gokdeniz, QA/QC Engineer, Tav-Sera Construction

The result: Less confusion & stronger relationships

With building inspections archived in Fieldwire, Gokhan says Tav-Sera’s relationship with construction management firm Hill International has improved. This is because everyone has visibility into the work that was done, or not done, and a historical record of all inspection reports and notes.

“We archive all past inspections in Fieldwire. As a result, the trust is building between us and Hill International much quicker than it was before Fieldwire.”

Gokhan Gokdeniz, QA/QC Engineer, Tav-Sera Construction

With projects running smoother than ever, Gokhan says he now has time to check RFIs — an important task he rarely had time for pre-Fieldwire. RFIs ensure that the right materials are being used by contractors, that the work being performed is to spec, and that the jobsite and building are safe, so having the time to check and respond to RFIs is critical, said Gokhan.

To save time and streamline the building inspection process, try Fieldwire’s construction management app today.

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