Speller Metcalfe saves thousands of pounds in rework with Fieldwire

UK contractor Speller Metcalfe uses Fieldwire to manage quality assurance and punch lists, as well as tracking progress and task reporting with their subcontractors.

Since 2016, UK contractor Speller Metcalfe has used Fieldwire to manage quality assurance and snagging, as well as tracking progress and task reporting with their subcontractors. The company saved thousands of pounds in rework costs, staff time and defects using our construction management app. They established a quality assurance process using Fieldwire’s custom forms and have been using the software to easily access project documentation and streamline communication between teams.

Key facts & numbers

  • Saving thousands of pounds in rework
  • Uses Fieldwire on over 40 projects
  • Annual turnover of £120 million

Speller Metcalfe: Innovating construction with Fieldwire

With innovation and excellence at the core of their business, UK main contractor Speller Metcalfe works on projects across the public and private sectors. They currently have an annual turnover of £120 million.

Speller Metcalfe combines sustainable construction with a forward-thinking approach, using BIM (Building Information Modeling) and IPI (Integrated Project Insurance) to deliver projects meeting Passivhaus and BREEAM standards. With innovation and excellence in mind, Speller Metcalfe adopted Fieldwire to help them increase their quality and efficiency.

The challenges

Working on numerous projects at a time ranging from £250k to £20m, Speller Metcalfe found it difficult to manage the significant amounts of paperwork involved. It was difficult for the field and office teams to find the information they needed in a timely manner. In addition, the contracts managers had to spend valuable time on phone calls and frequent jobsite visits in order to have clear visibility of a project's progress.

Speller Metcalfe app in use

The solution

With the search and the filtering functions of Fieldwire’s task module, the Speller Metcalfe team can now find vital project data quickly. Using task attributes, they can add a category, location, status and tags, making it easier to find the information they need. As a result, their teams can work efficiently across several ongoing projects.

Currently, Fieldwire is being used by Speller Metcalfe on over 40 live projects, and it is anticipated that its features will soon be utilised on all sites to manage quality assurance, snagging, progress tracking, and task reporting to subcontractors.

“In the construction industry, efficiency is key. Time is always tight, and if you can make your job more efficient by using a tool such as Fieldwire, it’s a brilliant option.”

Richard Monk, Contracts manager at Speller Metcalfe

Progress tracking

As Speller Metcalfe’s contracts manager, Richard Monk needs to have visibility of what the site teams are doing, even when working offline and without mobile phone coverage. This is why his favourite feature of Fieldwire is the progress photos section. “It gives me clear visibility from a live point of view, even if I am not on the physical project”, Monk said. “If I’ve got a concern, I see it on Fieldwire and I can raise that with the site team to ensure it is actioned”.

BIM viewing

Speller Metcalfe’s site managers use Fieldwire’s BIM viewer for site dimension checks. The 3D models are kept up-to-date by the design team, so everyone has access to the latest models. BIM has been a great step forward in Speller Metcalfe innovation efforts, giving a strong understanding of the projects and enhancing the collaboration between teams.

Quality assurance

Using Fieldwire’s Forms feature, Speller Metcalfe developed a successful quality assurance process. When in the field, they can use custom forms to document site conditions while doing inspections. They can quickly identify and locate items on the plans, which makes snagging and getting ahead of potential delays much easier.

Check out Speller Metcalfe’s video testimonial:

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