Construction Management Software for Government

Tackling capital project overruns at the source

McKinsey documented that 98% of capital projects end up significantly over budget or schedule citing poor coordination between stakeholders as a primary cause. Fieldwire helps agencies interface efficiently with their contractors to deliver mission-critical projects on time and on budget.

Easy deployment

Our cloud-enabled solution can be deployed in seconds and is accessible on any web browser or mobile platform so you can start delivering results today.

Enhanced remote visibility

Tracking progress accross hundreds of projects can be a challenge. With Fieldwire, you get accurate visibility whether the project is accross the street of 10,000 miles away.

Accurate progress tracking

Fieldwire makes maintaining accurate records effortless for your contractors, keeping you both compliant and in control of overall project progress.

"Our field staff used to spend 10 hours a week behind a computer. Now they spend it at the job-site."

Manuel Rosas

Coordination oversight

Gain real-time oversight on the coordination process. By maintaining historical traceability you eliminate both miscommunications and conflicts around potential reworks.

Faster response time

Improve your response time to field requests. A fast response time reduces idle time for crews on-site and keeps the project on schedule.

High-grade security

Fieldwire meets the highest security (SOC2) and encryption standards (SSL / AES 256) while running on FedRamp certified providers.

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