How to Use Fieldwire for Better Team Meetings

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Team meetings are important. Duties get handed out, schedules get planned out, everyone gets updated on the need-to-knows. But we’re all friends here, so let’s be honest for a moment: Meetings are torture. They’re long, they’re boring, and they’re not helping your restless leg syndrome one bit. The sluggish nature of these get-togethers makes memory retention a nightmare - people might not remember what they’re supposed to follow up on from the previous week. They might forget to check in with other team members and relay that information during meetings. And recording all the meeting notes...a chilling prospect. It’s truly a shame that this vital component of organization is so often grossly inefficient.

Fieldwire Use Case: Meetings

We don’t like inefficiency at Fieldwire. It’s a steady source of grimaces, and we’re sure you feel the same. After all, who wouldn't want to hold the most effective meeting possible with their team? With the Fieldwire construction app, there’s no need to take extra time to create a meeting agenda - you’re already doing it with your categories and hashtags while you work. Just pull up your project and click on the tasks, files, and plans related to each subject. You can display all project content (active and completed) for everyone as quickly as your finger can click. No more trying to remember everything in preparation of the meeting, because it’s all right there in front of you.

Fieldwire automatically displays the latest information to make task management and plan versioning easy for you. If you’re a superintendent, you don’t need to check with all of your foremen before each meeting anymore, and you can bring up all of your tasks organized by priority or due date during your presentation. Color-coded priorities make hot tasks clearly visible, and you can keep track of anyone falling behind schedule in the calendar view. The task calendar view is particularly useful when planning out work for the weeks ahead, as it displays every task chronologically so you can manage your time and manpower wisely. There’s no need to keep tabs on any job you ask someone to take care of - when you create the task in Fieldwire, it remains open until it’s completed, so it can’t get lost in the shuffle or be ignored. You’ll also receive real-time notifications for status updates and any new content all along the way.

Looking to distribute project data to your team? Generate a PDF or spreadsheet report! Send it out then and there or schedule it to go out automatically on a specified date, such as the day following your team meeting. Conversely, you can schedule a report to be sent out the day before the meeting to act as your agenda. It’s entirely customizable and will display as much or as little data as you like. This can work well for all types of meetings, so for your next OAC, foremen, 3-week schedule, staff, or commissioning meeting, our reports will have you covered.

Finding ways to utilize Fieldwire’s ample features both directly and creatively is the mark of a truly savvy user, and we want everyone in our community to get the most out of their effort and hold effective meetings. Orchestrating your meetings with the task management and issue tracking systems in our construction app is a clever way to speed them up, retain information, and hash out your team’s schedule. And best of all, no more thoughts of taking a dirt nap while you’re trapped in that next big pow-wow. So hook up that projector, plug in that HDMI cable, or connect to AirPlay and cast Fieldwire in front of your future meetings. Trim some of that administrative fat so you can hurry up and dive into the meat of your project!

Fieldwire is free for small teams on Apple iOS, Android, and on the web. We already support 1,000+ companies across 35,000+ projects, and we'd love to work with you!

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