Ogilvie Fire Protection achieves excellence in quality assurance using Fieldwire

The subcontractor uses Fieldwire to ensure efficiency in their quality assurance process, and has been saving up to £25,000 pounds a year by using the construction management app for checklists, daily reports and documentation.

Ogilvie Fire Protection has delivered both structural and passive fire safety services since 2015, and has been using Fieldwire since their first year to guarantee efficiency for their quality assurance (QA) processes and reporting systems. The sub contractor works mainly in the UK and Ireland providing inspections, training and fire protection services at every stage of construction.

“All of our operatives use Fieldwire to record every action, every item that's required as part of us being a fire protection business”, says Bruce Ogilvie, CEO at Ogilvie Fire Protection. “So we use pretty much the whole system of Fieldwire: checklists against manufacturers, specifications, processes, and obviously all of the documentation for on site as well.”

Before Fieldwire

During the first year of operations, the Ogilvie teams were spending a lot of time creating reports. “We were using multiple sources: digital cameras, paper, and then having to compile things in Word and Excel”, says Bruce Ogilvie. They decided to implement Fieldwire after looking for a simple construction management software that would allow them to centralize all information in one place for effective reporting and quality control.

After Fieldwire

When Ogilvie started using Fieldwire’s construction management app, the back office team was doing the majority of the QA. Now, 95% of the reporting is completed by the site team daily, resulting in significant time savings.

“Fieldwire empowers me to be more efficient at my job.”

Colin Frame, Quality Assurance Manager at Ogilvie

As a company who prides themselves on their excellence, the fire safety contractor has achieved greater results in their QA process since implementing Fieldwire. “We make our own checklists to make sure we have got all the details required for specification”, explains Colin Frame, Quality Assurance Manager at Ogilvie. “We can watch operatives do the work and correct any problems before they’ve left the job.”

The verdict

By having the field teams use Fieldwire’s checklists on the jobsite and fill out all the information about the project’s progress, as well as documenting everything with pictures, Ogilvie has been saving a lot of time when creating construction reports.

“We save up to £25,000 pounds a year using Fieldwire.”

Bruce Ogilvie, CEO at Ogilvie Fire Protection

Communication between field and office teams, as well as with independent contractors, is instantaneous. “As soon as the images are taken, we see them”, says Bruce Ogilvie. The office teams have full visibility of what is happening on site, and can make quick decisions. Adopting Fieldwire’s construction management tool helped Ogilvie save time on their day to day operations, allowing them to take on more projects and increase their revenue.

Watch the video below to learn more about Ogilvie’s quality assurance process using Fieldwire:

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