SEMERU - Paris metro expansion

The extension of metro line 14, that will link Orly’s airport to the main Olympic Games locations in 2024 in Paris, was a turning point for SEMERU’s digitalization.

SEMERU Fayat Energie Services at-a-glance

  • Location: Paris, France with projects nationwide
  • Employees: 327
  • Annual turnover: 50M euros
  • Expertise: equipment of transport infrastructures, supervision systems, automation, security, video surveillance and sound systems.

Metro line 14 extension at-a-glance

  • 7 new metro stations
  • A 14 km tunnel to equip
  • 50 people on-site at peak times
  • 600 km of cables
  • 500 cameras and 400 speakers installed

Choosing Fieldwire

SEMERU, in partnership with Spie CityNetworks, won the unique project of the extension of metro line 14 that will link Orly’s airport to the main Olympic Games locations in 2024 in Paris. This ambitious project was a great opportunity but also a challenge for SEMERU. To meet the tight deadlines and schedules, they had to improve the jobsite productivity. The extension of metro line 14 was a turning point for SEMERU’s digitalization.

“We wanted to invest in new digital tools to improve our productivity”

Yannick Pierre, Project Manager

Fieldwire was the obvious choice for its comprehensive features and ease of use. As the team did not need specific training to start using Fieldwire, the tool was quickly adopted by the field and office teams.

With Fieldwire

The field teams now always work with the latest version of the plans. With Fieldwire, they can share information and raise questions to the design office in real-time very easily thanks to voice notes.

The messaging feature allows better follow-up of the work done. Abdou Diene, Design Engineer, says Fieldwire is very user-friendly, as comments can be directly added to the tasks. For each task, he can see at-a-glance all the comments added by technicians in the field and make decisions quickly.

“Fieldwire allows us to solve problems much faster.”

Abdou Diene, Design Engineer

semeru - ligne

On the jobsite, Seddik Belaidouni, Operational Manager, uses Fieldwire forms to check the work done. Then, he sends reports to the project manager directly from the field.

“With Fieldwire, we manage to better organize work on the field. Fieldwire reduces my workload.”

Seddik Belaidouni, Operational Manager

Yannick Pierre says he can then track progress of the project in real-time.

The verdict

Yannick Pierre points out that Fieldwire also helped SEMERU to significantly reduce their paper consumption and their environmental footprint. In the long term, this will further decarbonize SEMERU’s business.

Fieldwire has simplified the daily life of the teams working on the field and at the office on the extension of metro line 14 project.

After successfully launching Fieldwire on this project, Florian Jeanson, Director of the Transportation business at SEMERU, plans to deploy Fieldwire on all their projects.

Check out Semeru’s video testimonial Fieldwire x Semeru cover photo

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