COVID-19 Resources for Construction Teams

Information, updates, and links for dealing with the coronavirus and its impacts.

COVID-19 Resources for Construction Teams

COVID-19 Resources

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How Will the Coronavirus Impact the Construction Industry?

While some construction companies are implementing coronavirus precautions — screening jobsite visitors for flu-like symptoms, for example — most are business as usual. So when will the industry begin to feel the effects of the global pandemic? Read more.

Working in Construction through the Coronavirus

Construction projects typically require nearly everyone involved to be on-site, either to perform their job or to check that work is done correctly. So how is the industry addressing this unprecedented situation? Learn more.

Construction & Coronavirus: Proactive Steps to Take Right Now

The uncertainty around COVID-19 makes short-term planning challenging; getting ahead of its long-term impacts feels impossible. But construction professionals can be proactive right now. Here’s how.

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