Coronavirus & Construction: How GCs Can Provide Crews with Real-Time Updates

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Guidelines for keeping teams safe during the coronavirus pandemic are updating daily, making it difficult to keep teams on-site in the know.

We decided to contact Tony Gloria, field technology manager at BEAR Construction, to find out how GCs are communicating updates at this time.

When we connected, Tony was in the process of creating a ‘safety information pack’ that he could quickly update and send to his field teams.

Using Fieldwire, Tony was able to upload safety information and guidelines to one central place, then send it out to everyone across all projects using Fieldwire’s notification system.

Not only does this provide Tony an easy way to update critical information, but it allows his superintendents to stay in the know, no matter where they are. Even better, they don’t need to print or carry paper guidelines that are out-of-date by the end of the day.

Additionally, Fieldwire is helping Tony keep his workers safe by eliminating the need to huddle over a single set of plans, and instead work collaboratively (and six-feet apart) from their own devices. Without exaggeration, Tony sees Fieldwire as a potential life-saver in helping his team minimize physical interactions that could increase the possibility of infection.

To provide your teams with the same sense of safety, follow these steps when using Fieldwire:

  • Create a project called “COVID-19,” “Coronavirus,” “[Company Name] Safety,” or something like that
  • Within the ‘People’ tab, invite everyone to the project. Tip: If you have an existing project with all users on it, simply ‘Clone’ the project and ‘Copy People’
  • Open up your notifications within the project you just created and click ‘Send project notification’

Fieldwire notifications 2

  • Select who you'd like to receive notifications, add your title, type your message, and hit send. Everyone on the project will receive the notification via email and in their personal notification tab


To learn more about BEAR Construction and how they're adapting to the current situation, watch our interview with the company's executive vice president, Scott Kurinsky.

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