Use Fieldwire on Mobile

Setting up the Fieldwire app for iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile

Six easy steps to get to know the Fieldwire mobile app

In this guide, we walk you through how to download the Fieldwire mobile app, navigate through it, view and markup plans, create tasks, and generate reports.

Want more? We also have a simple guide to create your first project and a guide to core Fieldwire functionaliity.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Search our Help Center or email Support.

Step 1: Download the mobile application

Download the Fieldwire app to your phone or tablet from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). Then either create a new account or login to an existing account.

  • After you've downloaded the app, log in and enable your projects, which will allow you to access them offline. If you have a number of Fiedwire projects, just enable the ones that you’re actively working on.

  • By default, Smart Sync is enabled, which limits full Fieldwire syncing to wifi (to save on data usage). This will not impact your ability to use Fieldwire offline.

Tip: If you're having issues logging in, follow these these instructions to reset your password.

Step 2: Navigate Fieldwire

Starting in the "Plans" tab, Fieldwire has a few shortcuts to help you navigate your way through your documents, such as:

  • Expand or collapse all folders.

  • Recently viewed plans.

  • Search for plans (by sheet number, description, or plan tag).

When you view a plan, you can:

  • Hide annotations. Select the "eye" symbol to hide markups, photos, attachments etc. from the plan.

  • Export a snapshot. Press the export symbol to send a snapshot of a plan to anyone (via email).

Tip: Swipe between plans

Once you've selected a plan, you can:

  • Swipe left and right to navigate between plans.

  • Swipe up and down to view previous versions of the same plan.

Step 3: Markup plans

Use the markup toolbar to create your as-built markups. The markup toolbar has a few options:


Tasks can be attached directly to any plan and are described in more detail in the following section.


Add text, lines, and shapes in a variety of colors.


  • Attach files (such as RFIs and specifications) to a specific point on a plan.

  • Attach progress photos or videos directly to a specific point on a plan by pressing the camera icon.


Once you've calibrated your scale, you can take area and linear measurements on the plan.

Tip: Offline links

All links to files, photos and plans will be live links, whether you're online or offline.

Links to plans and photos will remain active, even when the plans are exported from Fieldwire as PDFs.

Step 4: Create Tasks

Simply drop a task pin directly on a plan to document a defect, punch item, safety issue, general to-do item, inspection, QA / QC issue, or any other observation.

Tasks are a timestamped history of an issue, and can contain:

Tip: Duplicate tasks

Long-press on a task to duplicate it on your plan. This will copy over the task, including the task attributes and checklist, but will clear out the contents so it is ready to populate on site. This is a great way to speed up your site inspections.

Tip: Checklist templates

Add checklist templates to your Project Settings, so that they can be quickly inserted into tasks on the fly.

Tip: Using "@" and "#"

By typing "@" into your task, you can immediately assign the task to an assignee, category, or change the priority. Using a hashtag "#" will create a tag in the task (e.g. "#punch"), which will allow you to later filter in the task dashboard or in reports.

Step 5. Manage tasks and generate reports

Within the "Tasks" tab, you're able to view all of your tasks in a list view and send a report.

Tip: "My tasks"

Simply select "My tasks" to view the tasks which are assigned to you.

Tip: Swipe to complete tasks

Swipe your finger along the task and you'll see a green tick appear, allowing you to quickly complete the task.

Tip: Login on web for bulk editing

Fieldwire's web interface has been designed to streamline managing tasks in bulk and generating reports.

Fieldwire on web

Fieldwire on web allows you to manage your tasks on a larger scale by viewing them on a task dashboard, a calendar view, or a Gantt chart.

These views also you to:

  • Batch edit tasks to quickly assign task attributes.

  • Drag-and-drop to make changes to priority and/or date.

  • Sort and filter the tasks for easy viewing.

  • Quickly obtain a high level understanding of the status of your job.

Informes generales

While you can distribute a report on your mobile app, you'll need to login on web to create reports, and apply your report filters.

Step 6. Customize forms

No more sifting through drawers, setting up printers, or filling out forms by hand! Access your company-specific forms right in our app for easy completion and quick distribution. We offer the following templates:

  1. Informes diarios
  2. Inspection requests
  3. RFIs
  4. Timesheets
  5. Formularios de auditoría de seguridad
  6. Time and materials tag

Your team can edit and customize the above, or create forms from scratch with our custom form template builder.

Custom construction forms

Congratulations, your project has been set up on mobile!

In the following section, we will outline more advanced mobile functionality.

Additional information

Set up projects

  • To learn how to set up your projects, refer to the previous article: Get Started on Fieldwire.

  • Fieldwire has three permission levels: admin, member, and follower. Refer to the previous article (Get Started on Fieldwire) for information about permission levels and billing.

Tip: Only project admins can verify tasks. If you've completed a task and are a member, mark the task as complete and assign in to an admin for verification. We refer to this process as two-step verification

Mobile notifications

  • When a task is created or updated, all people involved in that task will be notified with an instant push notification.

  • If you are not receiving instant notifications, ensure that the app is downloaded and notifications are enabled in the device's settings.

Manage plans

  • Scale your plans on mobile by calibrating the scale on the markup toolbar. If you'd like to edit the scale of multiple plans in bulk, you can do this by logging in on web.

  • Plan tags are used to manage your plans and allow you to search for specific plans very quickly.

Tip: If you have multiple buildings for example, you could set up tags for "#Building1" and "#Building2" to quickly search for the relevant projects on your mobile device.

Streamline tasks

  • Checklists and Locations can be managed in bulk in your project settings on web.

  • Related tasks are a fantastic way to link two (or more) tasks that are related to each other. This simply means that when someone opens one of the tasks, the related task will be listed so it isn't missed. Add a related task by pressing the "+" symbol within a task.


  • The Fieldwire app has a "Support" section which allows you to email our support directly Whether it's a question, an issue or a feature request, we love to hear from our users!

  • Fieldwire also has a range of FAQ articles and tutorial videos online which are useful resources to get to know Fieldwire.

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