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In this release, we’re excited to introduce a whole new way of using Fieldwire — Forms. Learn more about them in our Release Webinar on August 8th, or read on! Available for our business and enterprise customers, Forms (currently in beta) is a whole new way of using Fieldwire, alongside the existing plans, tasks, and files that have already been used on more than 200,000 projects.

Why forms? Because we know you and your teams manage a number of paper files and PDFs to track different parts of your job on a daily and weekly basis, and it will save you time and money to track them all in a single platform.

Don’t take our word for it; a general contractor who's already using forms said,

"Forms are a game-changer for us. We're already using Daily Reports, and we’re excited to see the power of forms added onto Fieldwire’s existing plan viewing and task management capabilities."

Curtis Brundidge, Director of VDC at Carroll Daniel Construction

When you use Forms in Fieldwire, all of your major disparate paper forms get consolidated into our easy-to-use platform. They’re now easier to complete, and you get all the benefits of our transparent tracking of who did what, when, and why. Our webinar on August 8th with Stéphane Denerolle, the Director of Product Management for forms, will walk you through the new solution.

Today, we’re starting with the four types of forms our customers tell us they use the most: Daily Reports, Timesheets, Inspection Requests, and RFIs. What’s included in each form type? (Screenshot showing forms for RFIs, daily reports, inspection requests, and timesheets in Fieldwire app for a large version of the image)

Fieldwire Forms include Daily Reports, Timesheets, Inspection Requests, RFIs

  • Daily Reports lets a superintendent or foreman in the field record what happened on the job site, including the weather, delays, accidents, injuries, and notes. This has been our most common feature request, and we’re glad to share a full tutorial video of Daily Reports. Read the support page.
  • Timesheets are exactly what they sound like — you fill them out already on every job site, for everyone on the site for payroll; the whole process becomes more streamlined when you just need to select how many hours each person worked, add any comments, and hit submit! Read the support page.
  • Inspection Requests enable a contractor to manage inspections with a third-party inspector, such as a building inspector, fire marshal, or a owner’s representative. What needs to be inspected has always been tightly coupled with where something was done on a set of drawings, and what tasks were completed to do the work. Read the support page.
  • RFIs. Traditionally, everyone on a project has used a different system to generate an RFI, and the people submitting an RFI from the field (e.g. due to unforeseen site conditions) use a different platform without a connection to the people back in the office. With Fieldwire, different stakeholders can collaborate on the same form, by requesting information from the people with the knowledge at their fingertips. Read the support page.

Moving forward, we plan to continue to bring you regular enhancements to our forms, just like you’ve come to expect from the other parts of the Fieldwire platform. In the next few months, the v1 release will include the ability to attach forms to specific points on a plan or to a task as well as automated weather data on the Daily Report form.

To get started, we’ve created some initial resources for you. Watch our video, at the bottom of this post, for a walkthrough of Daily Reports, check out our support page, or sign up for our webinar on August 8th.


Thank you to all of our customers who are already using Forms today and have helped us with feedback over the last few months. As one of our specialty contractors said:

"We are excited to see Forms on Fieldwire. Efficiencies in formatting, online, and mobile access have given our field and project management staff the tools to keep on track."

Nick Wienold, Assistant PM at BEAR Construction

We look forward to hearing from you about how you use Forms on your projects!

Customer Quotes from Carroll Daniel and Bear Construction about Fieldwire Forms

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