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Fieldwire makes it easy to maintain your as built drawing set on the go without having to return to the office. Our construction management app allows you to stay on top of all as built documentation with our full set of markup tools. At the end of a project, you can export a comprehensive record drawing set.
As Built Drawings

As built drawings

Our blueprint app let's you redline drawings while you’re out in the field, along with any other markups that come to mind. Our markup tools include freeform lines, highlighters, clouds, arrows, and text comments, all in a variety of colors.
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Our construction app also lets you attach files and progress photos directly on your construction drawings so your team can easily see every vital bit of information. Letting you manage your as built documentation on the fly is at the core of our construction management software.

As Built Conditions

Sheet version control

It’s critical to keep your drawings up-to-date as you insert new versions. Our construction app will automatically transfer all of the tasks and markups to the newest sheet you upload. That way your as built drawings are always accurate and your team stays in sync.
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When you upload new versions of your plans, our blueprint software reads the sheet names and descriptions and uses it to insert the new sheets automatically. Finally we give you the tools to keep a version control log. You can add version notes and comments to any addendum you upload. This allows you to maintain an accurate history for when you will need to export your asbuilt drawing set.

As Built Construction

Sharing drawing sets

Keep your team supplied with the latest data by managing your as built drawings within Fieldwire. Everyone added to your project will be able to view or contribute to the as built drawing set.
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We want to streamline both the collection of project data and the sharing of it, so exporting your construction drawings becomes as simple as clicking a button. You can export your asbuilts as a PDF and send it to anyone outside of the project.

As Built Drawings

Exporting layered PDFs

When you export your plans set as PDFs, each markup is maintained as a layer in your new as-built PDF file. This means that when you open it up in Adobe or Bluebeam, you can resize, move, or edit your drawings as you see fit. You also get to see when and by who each markup was created.
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Exporting record drawings with all as built information upon the completion of your project is a major strength of our construction app, as it creates a living archive of all your redline drawings within layered PDFs. This includes manual hyperlinks and files or photo attachments. You’ll never have to scramble at the end of a project to assemble your archive again!

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