Why Fieldwire Is a Better Fit than Procore

Why Fieldwire vs Procore?

If you aim to improve profitability and drive performance at the jobsite level, choose Fieldwire. Fieldwire is designed around the needs of the field and will be adopted more easily than a package of features you don't end up using.

"We first started looking for software, played around with a bunch of platforms, and found Fieldwire to be the most compatible and user-friendly. Even the oldest people in the field - who usually want nothing to do with technology - use Fieldwire."

Robin Beck, Document Control Manager, Graham

Focused on the needs of the field

Instead of field management being a small component of a much larger platform, choose a solution centered around how field workers collaborate with your office and with other companies.

Easy to use and adopt

With field workers, adoption is everything. Converting to Fieldwire is easy, and new users can get started quickly. Don't buy a list of features that will never be touched; have your field crews actually test any new solution.

Get started on your own terms

No need for large multi-year contracts before you know Fieldwire works for you. Get started on your own and our team of dedicated construction professionals are there when you are ready to scale.

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