Application de suivi de chantier pour iPhone

Collaborer et partager des informations sur le terrain

Application de suivi de chantier pour iPhone

Tout ce dont vous avez besoin à portée de main

L’application iPhone Fieldwire est conçue pour fonctionner sur le terrain. La conception simplifiée de notre application iPhone et l’accès facile aux données du projet la séparent des autres applications de construction, ce qui rend votre journée de travail plus fluide et vous permet de rester concentré sur le travail à accomplir.

Fieldwire pour iPhone

La visionneuse de plans la plus rapide sur le marché

View high quality blueprints on our iPhone app instantly, saving you time by putting all of your plan sets in one easy-to-find location. Add markups, annotations, and attachments to your floor plans while you work in the field. When you come back to the office, all your new data will sync automatically with everyone on the team.

Fieldwire is one of the best iPhone apps for builders so they have all their drawings in the palms of their hands. We collect each and every drawing that you upload and arrange them in folders for each set. We automatically read the sheet names and descriptions, and enable hyperlinks so that you’re ready to go as soon as they’re finished uploading.

Fieldwire is a construction app for contractors who need help managing their plan versions and adding markups on the fly as their work moves forward. Our iPhone app is ready to make your day easier so you can spend more time getting the job done. Signup today for one of the best apps for construction out there.

Customer Story - Eagle Excavation - Roger Poulin - Excavation Subcontractor

« Personne n’a plus besoin de se précipiter vers un camion pour dérouler un ensemble de plans. Ils sont juste là sur votre iPhone, et vous pouvez zoomer et regarder quelque chose rapidement quand vous le souhaitez ».

Roger Poulin, directeur régional, Eagle Excavation (sous-traitant en excavation)

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Notifications de tâches en temps réel

The Fieldwire iPhone app will notify you whenever your project tasks have new activity. The construction app makes it easy for contractors to update their tasks on the fly and will notify the team shortly after. You can choose exactly how you want to be alerted with mobile push notifications, email, or even a daily digest. What used to take all day now only takes minutes with our iPhone construction app.

There’s no longer any need to hunt down your contractors and colleagues across the jobsite to get updates on their work. With Fieldwire’s iPhone construction app, you will know the current status of every teammate’s tasks with one click.

Our construction app is designed to boost collaboration between everyone on the project so that you spend less time checking in and more time checking off assignments. You can customize the iPhone app’s notification system to suit your preferences, and any progress can now be easily tracked with minimal effort. Say goodbye to wasted time running around from contractor to contractor!


« J’ai montré Fieldwire à mon équipe sur le terrain, et ils ont été immédiatement accrochés. Ils se sont habitués à utiliser l’application sur leurs iPhones et iPads en quelques jours et ils adoraient ça ».

Nathan Howat, vice-président, Blue Mountain Electric (utilisé sur un projet de 50 millions de dollars)

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Productivité mobile pour la construction

Access every core feature of Fieldwire directly from our iPhone construction app. Create punch lists by logging issues within tasks or right onto your drawings. Fieldwire’s free construction app allows you to track tasks across all of your projects with the critical photos and details. Stay on top of your daily schedule while staying on-site.

An iPhone construction app is only as useful as its functionality, so we made sure our iPhone construction app helps you manage every aspect of your project with efficiency and ease. Snap photos of issues and completed work, create checklists for walkthroughs, and receive mobile notifications so you’re always kept in the loop.

These are just a few of the features our mobile construction app will bring to your team. Our iPhone app gives you access both on the jobsite and in the office offering better access than all the other free construction apps.

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