Assemblin saves 25% of working time with Fieldwire

The technical installation company centralised all communication and documentation in Fieldwire’s jobsite management app to increase productivity.

Assemblin increases productivity by centralising all information in Fieldwire

Using Fieldwire to help with communication and documentation, Assemblin’s teams have designed and installed power systems, electrical systems, ventilation, fire alarms, communication systems, and laid high-voltage cables to construct the European Spallation Source (ESS), a multi-disciplinary research facility based on the world's most powerful pulsed neutron source.

The adoption of Fieldwire has transformed the way the Assemblin teams work together. Using the jobsite management software, they were able to improve efficiency and ensure seamless communication. The technical installation company also reduced their use of paper, contributing towards their sustainability efforts. Managing construction documentation was made easier with Fieldwire.

Key Facts

  • 3,000 international researchers will use the ESS facilities annually for scientific breakthroughs in the fields of environment, health and energy
  • 1,508,597 meters of cable installed onsite by Assemblin
  • 570,000 SEK (44,000 GBP) in contract value

Fieldwire use cases

  • Document management
  • Coordinate work more efficiently
  • Single platform for all team communication

Scheduling and task management

By automating tasks and integrating all information in one place, Fieldwire helped the Assemblin team work more efficiently. The impact of using Fieldwire has been huge: Assemblin estimates they saved 25% of working time by switching from their previous working methods onto Fieldwire platform.

“Fieldwire has definitely helped us become more efficient. By being able to keep track of our actions, we no longer need to go back and check every time. In this sense, Fieldwire has allowed us to tackle a major construction challenge: jobsite management.”

Bogi Einarsson, Project Lead

As a large-scale European project, the development of ESS involves technical and organisational challenges for the Assemblin teams, with many tasks to be managed simultaneously. With Fieldwire, the field teams could monitor and update their workflow using Fieldwire. The jobsite management software was also used by project managers to easily keep track of everything that was being done.

Document management

Prior to Fieldwire, the Assemblin team used paperwork, as well as the Office suite and other business software. But this workflow reached its limit for this project: with multiple sources of information, the risk of losing track of data or not having the latest version available arised. It became obvious that they needed a central and integrated solution.

“You always have all the documentation at hand on you at any time, complete with the revision history and access to old documentation as well.”

Anders Lundgren, Lead Electrical Fitter for Assemblin

Fieldwire is the unique source of truth that employees can rely on. Anders Lundgren, Lead Electrical Fitter, says he was able to do more work in one day by using Fieldwire to centralise all the information in one place. Looking up information is now much quicker for himself and the project managers. All the relevant documentation and plans are always at hand, complete and with revision archives, and available from their desktop in the office or while in the field via smartphone or tablet. Now that the team had more time to concentrate on tasks, the increase in productivity was significant.

Assemblin and the European Spallations Source project

Assemblin is an end-to-end installation and service partner operating in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Focused on specialist services — primarily within electrical, heating & plumbing, and HVAC —, the company has put digitalisation at the forefront of their agenda, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by technology to increase productivity and customer benefit.

The Nordic company used their technical expertise, combined with digital tools and automation solutions, to build the future European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund, Sweden. The construction project brings together all stakeholders with a common mission: building one of the world’s most advanced and environmentally sustainable research facilities.

Check out Assemblin’s video testimonial: youtube-thumbnail-assemblin

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