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Construction scheduling for the field

Coordinate the jobsite in real time with Fieldwire. Easy project scheduling using Kanban board, Gantt chart, and calendar-based field scheduling.

A female construction worker using Fieldwire on her iPad in the field. She is looking at the scheduling functionality of Fieldwire to plan the work ahead.

Easy crew scheduling

Coordinate all upcoming items that need to get done via a Kanban priority, Gantt chart, or calendar view.

Accurate progress tracking

Dispatch work to each specialty contractor and foreman; know the status of everything to be done.

Lean field management

Aid high frequency collaboration and create more predictability of work across different trades.

Construction scheduling software

Lean construction scheduling

Our construction scheduling software helps you run your pull planning and three week look ahead sessions in a highly flexible manner. The recorded information is immediately dispatched to all the team members so that everyone knows what they have to do on-site.

Run your foremen's meeting easily with our construction management software by selecting due dates as well as dragging and dropping your tasks in your construction schedule. The calendar and Gantt views in our construction scheduling software helps you quickly arrange task deadlines and track task progress on the fly.

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"Every single job that we take has to be input into Fieldwire for tracking purposes. We’ll upload all of the relevant documents, floor plans, schedules, and the proposal for the entire project.”

Wayne VanDell, Director of Projects at TekWorks

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Easy crew scheduling

Our free construction scheduling software is optimized for speed and makes it easy to manage your construction schedule at the field level. You can quickly add new tasks, duplicate existing ones, and import an external task spreadsheet to set up your project with minimal effort.

Use our construction scheduling software to arrange every task in order by due date, trade, and priority to ensure that everything runs smoothly and your team can meet the milestones in your construction project schedule.

You can easily measure progress by scheduling automated production reports in our construction software. Inputting dates will automatically display the task on the calendar view, so that you can track all upcoming items with lean means and methods including Kanban priority, Gantt chart, or calendar view.

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“We can see if we’re on-time or late very easily throughout the day, so whoever is running the operation can check and see where everyone is four hours in.”

Joshua Harsono, Service Delivery Manager at Facebook Event Operations

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Eliminate conflicts between trades

It can be hard to keep the big picture in mind when performing individual tasks. With Fieldwire's related tasks, contractors know about potential conflicts that they could have with other trades. It's now everyone's responsibility to plan ahead instead of just reacting when issues happen.

With our construction scheduling software, you are getting accurate data directly from the people doing the work. If there are any delays or overdue tasks in your project work schedule, you’ll know about it before it’s too late to make adjustments.

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“It all just makes tracking outages so much easier. It’s a huge advantage for taking care of every task.”

Nathan Howat, VP at Blue Mountain Electric

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Transparent progress tracking

Fieldwire tracks every aspect of your construction project schedule and distributes that information to the entire team. It makes it easier for contractors to visualize the critical path and coordinate their work.

Every new task comment, photo, and update is timestamped and sent to you as a notification. The best construction scheduling software reduces the time required to get answers which directly correlates with on-site productivity. You can then measure that impact against your construction project schedule with our productivity graph.


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