Construction Reports

View and share progress reports from the jobsite

Construction Reports

Construction reports use cases

Fieldwire’s construction reports allow you to share work progress, punch lists, or site observations with anyone no matter if they are a Fieldwire user or not. Customize templates to filter by category, who’s responsible, or status to focus on what matters.

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Instantly & automatically generated

Create a new report in just seconds from any device and email a PDF to anyone.

D2 - Effortless Reporting

On-demand or scheduled reports

Schedule customized weekly (or daily) PDF reports that include photos, 360° photos, and video.

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Fully customized to your needs

Filter and sort your reports to only include the information needed by the person who is asking.

Construction reports key features and types

Punch list reports

With punch list reports, track everything that still needs to be completed on your project, sorted by which team or specialty contractor is responsible for the work.

Each specialty contractor can automatically be emailed a list of their open punch items in the report at a pre-scheduled time, such as before a morning meeting. This ensures that there’s never any confusion about who needs to be working on what part of the job in order to get it closed out.

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Construction progress reports

The owner or owner’s representative on a construction project needs to know how everything is progressing without necessarily being physically on the jobsite at all times. With Fieldwire’s construction reports, you can receive a formatted PDF report of everything that has been completed on the jobsite in a specified time range, filtered by priority or category.

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Inspection Reports

With Fieldwire, an engineer, inspector, or architect can automatically generate inspection reports that include every issue on the project that needs to be resolved.

The inspection reports can then be shared with everyone responsible for getting issues fixed. For example, the electrical specialty contractor and plumbing specialty contractor can each receive a list of their team’s specific issues, while the general contractor receives an overview of everything to be done.

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Handover and Construction Closeout Reports

At the end of the project, export a complete history of the project with all of your documentation, including photos, work completed, mark-ups, and more. Each element of the report includes a hyperlink to the full details, in case of any contract disputes or if anyone needs to go back and find information during maintenance and operations.

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Three major types of construction reports

Export a PDF Summary Report, Detailed Report, or CSV Report.

The summary report has just the highlights as an overview. The detailed report has all of the project’s content, including construction project images, checklists, and annotations. The CSV has the full details of the Fieldwire project in a format that’s easy to reference, customize, manipulate and analyze in programs like Microsoft Excel.

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Customize reports for each audience

In Fieldwire’s construction management app, filter or sort your construction reports by any information including who’s responsible, priority level, completion status, category, or hashtags. You can also filter by work start or completion date.

Set up construction reports to be emailed to anyone on a pre-set schedule, on a daily or monthly basis, or just create a report on-demand. This allows anyone to use the field management information collected in Fieldwire.

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Want to learn more?

Check out our support documentation on how to use the Fieldwire reports functionality and sort and filter construction reports or watch a video of how to create a construction report.

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