Why Fieldwire

Fieldwire vs spreadsheets

Fieldwire is the best solution to replace spreadsheets for construction teams. Keep all your information up-to-date and never manually update them again.


Share files, take photos, and info without updating spreadsheets.


Work alongside teammates in an easy-to-use solution to resolve.


Save time with updating spreadsheets and let workflows work for you.

Stop manually updating spreadsheets

Forget updating progress at the end of day

Fieldwire allows construction workers to go home and end the day when they leave the site, no inputting information into spreadsheets.

  • Tasks and Reports update in real-time

  • Progress is synced to your project folder automatically

  • Centralize and automate the gathering of project documents

Firestop task with checklist for contractor to complete construction jobsite work
Customer Story - Tekworks - Wayne Vandell - 130x130px circle

“Fieldwire allows us to track everything as it happens. I don't have to go back through notepads, binders, emails, or spreadsheets. The mobile app shows me everything to address.”

Wayne VanDell, Director of Projects at TekWorks

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Fieldwire’s advantage over spreadsheets

Boost jobsite productivity and improve communication between all project stakeholders - wherever and whenever.

  • Attach photos to Plans, Tasks, Forms and more to create informative and integrated workflows

  • Avoid duplication of work by having up-to-date project information at all times

  • Standardize processes with an easy-to-use solution that can be accessible from the office or field

  • Assign stakeholders work and hold them accountable with project notifications

Customer Story - Colt Builders - Phil Blake

"I absolutely recommend Fieldwire. The reporting is strong, the task system is helping us out each day, and we can keep up-to-date plans with us at all times. It’s a worthwhile investment."

Phil Blake, Regional General Manager at Colt Builders

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