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The construction industry is facing an ongoing labor shortage that has been years in the making and has reached new heights this year. Research from the ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) suggests construction has the tall task of attracting an estimated 546,000 additional workers on top of the normal pace of hiring in 2023 to meet the demand for labor.

As such, it becomes critical to find ways to optimize each labor hour to get the most performance and value. This is where technology enters the equation. Field solutions can help improve efficiency on the construction jobsite while also attracting and retaining skilled labor.

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Studies have found that the average worker on a jobsite only spends about 30% of their time on productive work, while the other 70% of their time is spent on inefficient processes like tracking down the latest plans or getting assignments. One option available to improve efficiencies is jobsite management software, Fieldwire, which reports it can save up to one hour per person per day on every construction jobsite. Fieldwire allows users to access and share information more easily, plan and manage work more seamlessly, and track and report progress in realtime—all while prioritizing the needs of the field. Not a bad deal when you consider time saved today is about more than just profitability, it’s about efficiency.

Hilti North America recognized the urgency for this in the construction industry and made an investment in Fieldwire back in 2017 as they recognized the importance of digitizing the construction industry. By 2021, Hilti was all in and announced its plans to acquire Fieldwire to drive productivity for its customers through complementary software and hardware solutions.

Now, Hilti’s solutions add efficiencies to its customer’s business through tools with integrated features for improved worker and jobsite safety, advanced technologies, and services that simplify construction management for maximized productivity—ultimately getting customers to a healthier bottomline. This is now heightened by its partnership with Fieldwire.

“Hilti is focused on making construction better—and our Fieldwire partnership does just that, through enabling construction companies to better manage projects, ensuring positive outcomes for their clients, while also increasing productivity and profitability for their own company,” says Mike McGowan, region head and CEO of Hilti North America.

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