Streamline your building inspections

Issue tracking, photos, and checklists. Set custom inspection checklists, carry out the inspection itself, and effortlessly generate your building inspection report.

Faster walkthroughs

Document any issue in the field with notes and photos, then assign it directly to the team responsible.

Standardized inspections

Use the same pre-loaded checklists and templates across each project to ensure consistency.

Effortless reporting

Automatically generate PDF reports and share them with the project team, owner, or architect.

More than 1,000,000 jobsites across the world

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“We use the task system to handle inspection requests and track issues. We’ll attach photos and include a crop of the location, and the task format speeds up requests.”

Tyler Bashlor, Owner at Strategic Building Services

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Building inspection software

Powerful issue tracking

Report issues directly from the construction site on your mobile or tablet device and document it with photos, annotations and comments. Issues are updated in real-time so everyone can track, see, and fix them efficiently.

Efficient building inspection

Record any issues or inspection items that you see on a walkthrough. Simply tag it on the sheet with the right location and trade, and document it with a couple photos. Everything is tracked on our building inspection platform and shared immediately with your subcontractors.

Easily create an inspection checklist

Plan a full inspection containing hundreds of inspection items pre-loaded with building inspection checklists. As a building inspector, you can also share those checklist templates with the engineers and superintendents on the project to drive quality and consistency on the project.

Keep safety a priority

Allow your foremen, superintendents and engineers to report a safety concern as soon as they see it. Fieldwire will notify the right subcontractor instantly. The best construction management software is the one that keeps safety a priority on the jobsite.

Try Fieldwire for your inspections

Issue tracking, photos, and checklists