Photo sharing and faster decision making: How electrical contractors use Fieldwire

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Electrical contractors face a lot of challenges. They have to manage several projects simultaneously, sharing the right information with the right technician and making sure everything is running on time. Electrical work often requires close coordination with other construction trades, so effective communication and collaboration with plumbing and HVAC contractors on the project are key, as well as with the general contractor.

A construction management app can help electrical contractors manage their projects better, faster, and help ensure safety and quality standards. Fieldwire is used by electricians around the world to track project progress, communicate in real-time with office and field teams, and manage documentation – including plans and photos. Discover real life examples on how Fieldwire is used on electrical projects to save time and money.

Task management and progress tracking

Before adopting Fieldwire, French’s electrical contractor CEME had little control of their operations. Now, the construction management app is used to increase transparency on the teams’ tasks and progress. “With Fieldwire, we can finally get a clear idea of our operational activity,” says Lucas Sabrié, Performance Manager at CEME.

CEME uses Fieldwire’s task management software to coordinate the work in the field and ensure all tasks are completed. The teams can easily communicate through the app if there is a need to correct mistakes or omissions. To Kevin Raveaud, Field Technician at CEME, Fieldwire is “a real time saver.”

Photo and information sharing in real time

Taking photos is an essential part of an electrician’s field work, and for SITECNA, an Italian contractor specialized in electrical systems, Fieldwire has made this job easier. By having all their photos cataloged in one place, all teams have easy access to a project’s image and information. SITECNA also uses Fieldwire to communicate in real time, which allows the company to immediately track problems on construction sites and resolve them within 24 hours.

With the construction management app, SITECNA can now easily coordinate the work of multiple projects at a time. “Now everything is collected on Fieldwire: in this way each PM can manage from 4 to 8 construction sites,” says Project Manager Mirko Elce.

Better communication and faster decision making

Fieldwire has provided Elektro Scherer eK with an easy way to document their work and communicate with their teams. The German electrical contractor uses the construction management software to plan their activities, check their progress, and to document everything that has been completed. With documentation easily-accessible with each project available via the app, “challenges can be solved much more efficiently,” says Project Manager Christian Scherer. “We have gained transparency without any additional effort. This is an incredible advantage for us and ultimately also for the customer.”

Connecting the office and the field without paperwork

Electrical systems are the main activity of Redel, an Italian subcontractor that also works with renewable energy. The company has been using Fieldwire to manage all installation and maintenance work, which involves 40 teams on hundreds of projects.

Realizing the importance of technology to improve construction’s productivity, Redel “has decided to embrace Fieldwire to digitize processes and communication between construction sites and offices,” explains CEO Umberto Barreca. Now, the company doesn’t need to use paper to share plans, forms, and other project information. By having all documents available on the construction management app, Redel has seen an improvement in performance and productivity on site, as well as an optimization of time and resources.

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