TCG Construction: Simplified punch lists and faster project closeouts with Fieldwire

TCG Construction has simplified their snag lists processes using the construction management software Fieldwire for defect management. As a result, they have faster project close outs.

TCG Construction in numbers

  • 20 million sq. ft. of projects delivered
  • 90+ employees
  • 10+ projects managed simultaneously
  • 3 offices: Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan
  • 5 service lines in 5 sectors: offices, hospitality and leisure, science and health, retail, and education.

Choosing Fieldwire

Based in Hong Kong with offices in Macau and Taiwan, TCG Construction have over two decades of experience providing pre-construction, fit out, addition and alteration works, facade, and building services in Asia. They delivered over 20 million sq. ft. of projects across a range of sectors: offices, hospitality and leisure, science and health, retail, and education.

From small office upgrades to multi-storey corporate headquarters, they work with new but also established environments, often having to perform their services after hours and in buildings which are already occupied. To deliver projects with quality and on time, efficiency is paramount. That is why, in 2018, TCG began looking for a construction management tool to enhance their productivity with focus on snag lists, close out processes and site management.

TCG construction using fieldwire

After trialing other construction management software, they decided on Fieldwire. “The main reason is that it is more user friendly”, explained Eric Wong, Project Director at TCG. Everyone on the team adapted quickly to the platform, consulting tutorial videos when needed. “The fact that you can use it with your mobile phone makes everything a lot easier. You don’t need to write anything down on paper, you don’t need to keep a really good memory”, completed Kenneth Harvey, Senior Construction Manager at TCG.

The pilot program was the Arcadis Asia HeadQuarters new offices, a 60,000 sq. ft. project where they used Fieldwire for defect management, easily creating snag lists and daily reports. With positive feedback both from the team and from the client, they implemented Fieldwire into more and more projects until they fully integrated the construction management software in 2021 as a collaborative platform for all stakeholders.

Working with Fieldwire

TCG Construction were pioneers in using Fieldwire in the fitting out industry, and have seen great results, especially in project closeout. They use the software mainly for deficiency management, including tracking and planning on rectification schedule, as well as centralizing information for clients, consultants and subcontractors to verify, record and carry out the snag list.

Thanks to Fieldwire, all stakeholders are always informed with the most updated documents and blueprints. The construction management software has also been a time-saver when it comes to report generation. For a recent report on a pre-construction site possession dilapidation condition survey, Kenneth Harvey generated a 758-page deficiency report single-handedly for the clients site handover from the landlord record. Before Fieldwire, this type of report would take 3 people working 2 weeks to complete. “With Fieldwire, it took me roughly a week to conduct the inspection, and then 20 to 30 minutes to generate the report. And it's all in order.”

Another feature that helped TCG work more efficiently is the drawing and document management. “We just assign a project administrator and they upload our latest drawings to Fieldwire. This is really important for us because when we need to know which one is the latest drawing, we don’t have to go through all the papers and hard copies”, explained Wong.

“Fieldwire is a good platform to make sure everyone has access to updated documents.”

Eric Wong, Project Director, TCG Construction

In the field, this feature had a huge impact. “The cool thing about it is that it also highlights the change in the drawing, so it doesn't overlap. We can see that change in the layout”, said Harvey. Fieldwire has helped TCG organize their documents and avoid miscommunication. Eric Wong said that before Fieldwire, they took many photos, but it was hard to know what they were referring to. With the mobile app, they can take a photo and record its location, add a description and all the related information, which makes it more useful to the team.

The Verdict

“With Fieldwire, we take a lot less time closing out the defects and generating reports”, said Kenneth Harvey, who uses the construction management software for snag lists. The TCG team saves time and resources by using Fieldwire’s report template, and also by having all the information about their projects at hand, on their mobile phone, tablet or desktop. "We have recently transitioned all our Health & Safety inspection reports to customised Fieldwire reporting that we can share efficiently with our clients and subcontractors."

“Fieldwire makes my life, and the entire project team we work with, a lot easier.”

Kenneth Harvey, Senior Construction Manager, TCG Construction

Their clients have also been happy with the faster closeouts, said Harvey. They are constantly updated on the project's progress and receive timely and regular reports. Fieldwire has helped with the communication and documentation among TCG, their clients and their subcontractors.

Bridging the gap between the office and the field, the company can easily share information, highlight updates to drawings and add descriptions to photos using the software. With all this information centralized in one place, reports are easy to generate. “With Fieldwire, it’s been amazing”, said Eric Wong.

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