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construction's best kept secret

According to Michael Johnson, the construction industry is much more than just ‘a swinging hammer.’ Hand tools and paper files have been replaced with software and mobile devices — so much so that technology has changed the way the built environment is delivered.

Technology is the best kept secret in construction

Architect-turned-contractor, Michael Johnson, believes that general contractors, specifically, need to ditch their ‘old-fashioned’ habits and utilize the transformative technology that’s available to them.

In his TEDx talk The Best Kept Secret In Construction Michael said Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is one of the biggest ‘secrets’ in construction due to its ability to save workers time, avoid rework, and reduce waste on projects. He said: "BIM is the biggest disrupter the industry has ever seen," and goes on to explain why in his own words.

Building Information Modeling is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives construction professionals the insight and tools they need to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and deliver buildings and infrastructure. BIM also helps contractors solve complex problem — virtually — before any material is cut or any boots are on the ground.

"Today, contractors have the ability to measure twice and cut once."

"We can build, visualize, and troubleshoot a building long before we can put a shovel on the ground,” said Johnson. "53.4 million tonnes of waste per year are attributed to construction, not including demolition, so shouldn’t we reduce that?” Having the ability to truly understand a building and make any changes — virtually — during the planning phase will help contractors significantly reduce construction waste.

The benefits of BIM

A study by Dodge Data & Analytics reveals that for architectural, engineering, and construction companies already using BIM technology:

  • Almost half see a 5% decrease or more in final construction costs.
  • More than half (51%) see the same level of reduction in their project schedules.
  • Nearly one third (31%) report seeing a 25% improvement in labor productivity.

The golden age of construction

It is clear that we are entering the golden age of construction. The most successful general contractors are embracing technology, and it’s time for traditionalists to follow suit. Mckinsey confirms that an increasing amount of technology firms are building new applications that change how companies design, plan, and execute construction projects today. From modular to prefab and 3D printing tools, to VR headsets, wearables, and drones — the future of construction will revolve around technology.

Technology is here to help you make better informed decisions, build quicker, and waste less, every day. Are you ready to see what the best kept secret in construction is all aboout? Try construction technology built for general contractors today.

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