How metal contractors use Fieldwire to conduct inspections and manage project documentation

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Guaranteeing the right materials are available, the installations are correct, and the quality of the projects is always as expected. Coordinating all of this – and more – is part of the routine of metal contractors. With a construction management app such as Fieldwire, companies of all sizes can easily track their project’s progress, document defects, and communicate seamlessly with clients and field teams. Discover some real life examples of metal contractors who have been using Fieldwire to make project coordination and communication more efficient.

Centralising information and managing project documentation

Finding the right information has become much quicker since Fratelli Rossi teams adopted Fieldwire’s construction management app. The Italian metal contractor centralised all projects’ documentation within the platform, allowing team members to easily review the latest blueprints and track changes made by clients and project managers. With Fieldwire, Fratelli Rossi teams don’t need to go through piles of paper or search for information on WhatsApp chats and Excel spreadsheets.

“Fieldwire is the solution for those who want to have control and simultaneously store information during the various work phases. I believe it's something all of us in the industry should have,” says Matteo Rossi, Owner of Fratelli Rossi.

Saving time and money on document management

Washington D.C. based metal contractor TSI Corporations decided to digitize their operations with an all-in-one construction management software that can be useful for their teams’ different needs. The company uses Fieldwire for a combination of tracking task progress in the field, documenting material defects with suppliers, and, more notably, for logging real-time noncompliance issues.

TSI Corporations quickly realized that Fieldwire saved their teams a lot of time on document management. “Because an hour of someone’s time covered the cost of a one-month subscription, I’d found savings immediately,” says Senior Project Manager Russell Frazier.

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Conducting and documenting inspections

Fieldwire has been crucial to optimize the work of Carli e Soldà, especially when it comes to site inspections. The Italian metal carpentry contractor uses the construction management app to take photos, fill out forms, and create all necessary documentation directly in the field.

The teams can then share the documents in real time with the office teams, ensuring transparency and creating a history of activities that can be consulted at any time. “Since we have been using Fieldwire, nothing escapes our attention, and we leave nothing to chance,” says Manuel Carli, CEO of Carli e Soldà.

Ensuring a high level of quality

"Without Fieldwire, I don't know if we could have completed projects of this scale with such a high level of quality," says Matthieu Herubel, co-manager of Aluval. The French aluminum carpentry contractor has visibility on what is happening in the field by using Fieldwire for task management. With the construction management app, each employee can see the tasks assigned to them, as well as their location, due date, and any other important information. By having greater control over the tasks’ progress, Aluval can guarantee the quality of their projects.

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