Electrical contractors leverage technology to improve project efficiency

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Electrical contractors face many challenges when working on project and field management. From turning cost estimates into a schedule of values (SOV), planning and forecasting of labor and aligning with the contract schedule, to maintaining detailed recordkeeping for field teams—it’s a process that can be labor-intensive, time-consuming and frustrating.

In order to stay on schedule and within budget, it is necessary to streamline complex processes and planning work into an efficient and user-friendly plan.

Integrating project and field management

Fieldwire brings unique value to electrical contractors. The app's Tasks Module facilitates this process by allowing project managers (PMs) to easily create and combine these elements into a cohesive plan specific to the electrical contractor’s needs, maximizing the value of the work PMs are already doing.

By using tools such as Fieldwire’s Task Importer, electrical PMs can easily convert their SOVs into a detailed to-do list of tasks that can be displayed in Kanban, Calendar and Gantt chart formats.

When these tasks are combined with labor hours and durations, Fieldwire automatically creates highly accurate daily labor projections for the duration of the project. This enhances the level of detail and accuracy of the project while saving the PM time. This also sets the field teams up for success and becoming an even more effective partner to the general contractor (GC) and other trades by identifying potential conflicts early and improving the accuracy of reports such as those used for progress billing backups and automated constraint logs.

Take note of the word, "field" in Fieldwire - using the software results in significant time savings not only for the PM, but also for everyone using it in the field. Fieldwire can save up to one hour per person every day.

Fieldwire is built in a way that promotes ease of use in the field, maximizing the willingness of field teams to contribute meaningfully to the process that has been set in place. Whether that process includes a detailed preplanned schedule, as mentioned above, or simply issue tracking, Fieldwire’s top ratings in both the Apple and Google App stores prove that field teams find the software easy to navigate, and a value add on the jobsite.

Field teams offer positive feedback about the easy-to-use app which often includes stories of how the field teams have been able to use Fieldwire to prevent back charges or provide backup to get a change order approved. Ultimately, Fieldwire is here to help the electricians doing the work by improving their ability to access critical documentation and record progress in simple and easily accessible ways.

Data ownership and the Fieldwire advantage

It is vital for electrical contractors to maintain an independent process that separately tracks their work from what the GC monitors. Thus data ownership in the electrical contractor space deserves significant attention.

While tracking methods for general contractors are not intentionally harmful to subcontractors, they primarily cater to the GC’s interests. A detailed internal process like Fieldwire ensures accurate tracking of a team’s work, focusing on what matters to the organization. This data can also be used to keep trade partners and the GC updated, adding to the overall project success.

On the subject of data ownership, Fieldwire’s advantages become clear through its facilitation of data entry and access. The software’s Plans Module allows for easy plan access, organization and as-builts, while Fieldwire’s Task Module and Importer allow for easy data input and the creation of comprehensive proactive and reactive project tasks. Fieldwire’s Files and Forms modules allow the team to have quick and easy access to all relevant project information and makes updating paperwork quick and simple.

One of Fieldwire’s advantages is its data connectivity. Users can link information across tasks, forms, files, specifications, RFIs, submittals and plans from anywhere in the app. This connectivity saves field teams time and allows them to focus more on installation.

Ultimately, Fieldwire helps electrical contractors collect data, maintain detailed recordkeeping and ensure projects operate smoothly and efficiently.

Fieldwire by Hilti

In November 2021, Hilti, a powerhouse in construction technology, tools and software, announced its acquisition of Fieldwire. This rapidly expanding tech company revolutionized the construction sector and changed how contractors of all sizes viewed the potential of construction technology, particularly for electrical contractors.

Hilti’s recognition and respect among subcontractors empowered Fieldwire to supercharge its focus on this key group, leveraging Hilti’s legacy of driving construction innovation. United by their dedication to being a productivity partner for construction companies, both entities place immense value on building strong relationships with their partners. Much like Hilti, Fieldwire also prioritizes these relationships, taking customer feedback to heart, and committing a substantial portion of its roadmap to developing new features based on user input.

The future of Fieldwire, powered by Hilti, promises continued growth and innovation, making construction easier for the craftspeople who perform the work.

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