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Construction projects are complex: they involve many tasks from different teams and need frequent changes and revisions. Therefore, it is not easy to keep track of what is being done and keep everyone on the same page.

Fieldwire is a construction management software and mobile app that helps construction teams communicate and collaborate, whether they are in the field or at the office. With Fieldwire, construction teams can easily and effectively manage tasks, plans, and documents, and ensure that projects are on track and completed successfully.

Over 1,000,000 projects worldwide have used Fieldwire for:

  • Communication and coordination, sharing information, updates, and changes on a centralized platform
  • Task management and progress tracking, assigning responsibilities and deadlines to team members and having real-time visibility of what's being accomplished
  • Plan viewing and revisions, giving access to all users to view and annotate blueprints and automatically update the plans to the latest version
  • On-site inspections and reporting, documenting defects directly within the app, attaching photos and videos to the tasks and generating reports in one click
  • Project management, streamlining processes and centralizing documents such as RFIs and submittals in one place

The Fieldwire construction management app can solve the most common pain points construction teams face:

  • Ineffective progress tracking: Fieldwire allows team members to access project data and updates even when there is no internet connection, making it easier to address issues promptly and make informed decisions. From each foreman to the project manager, everyone is informed of the project’s progress and what tasks need to be addressed.

  • Poor field-to-office communication: Fieldwire gives construction workers a centralized platform to communicate and share documents, report issues and give updates on progress. The jobsite management app reduces the time spent searching for information, writing emails or making phone calls, and can be used online or offline.

  • Time-consuming processes: With Fieldwire, you can generate reports in seconds, and create templates to standardize processes. You can add photos, tags and annotations directly through the app, without having to go back to the office to fill out control sheets. With all information centralized in one place, construction teams can quickly find plans, documents and messages.

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What’s the ROI?

Fieldwire is a one-in-all construction management software that can be adapted to every project and team’s needs. It offers a complete solution that can help contractors and subcontractors save time, money, and finish projects more efficiently. The return on investment is quickly perceived, since you don’t need to rely on paper and several different software to get the job done.

Short-term benefits

  • Save an hour/day per craftsperson

  • Reduced printing costs

  • Reduced rework due to outdated information/paper documents

“Initially, it was around $7,000 to print off one set of drawings, so we’ve saved $35,000 just on printing costs with Fieldwire.”
Robin Beck, Document Control Manager, Graham

Long-term benefits

  • Process standardization across projects

  • Conflict prevention between project stakeholders

  • More consistent execution across projects

“When my customers ask for reports or updates on our progress, I can deliver it right to them without extra work. It’s saved us untold amounts of time.”
Bruce Ogilvie, Founder at Ogilvie Fire Protection

Fieldwire has a range of features to make construction management simple and efficient:

Task management to create and assign tasks

Scheduling to track progress and set deadlines

Punch list to conduct efficient site walkthroughs

Inspection to document and report issues

Reports to easily share updated information

Forms to simplify logs with customizable documents

Plan viewing to access, edit, and view blueprints from any device

As-built drawings to markup plans and compare versions

BIM viewer to get a 360° understanding of projects

Change orders to mitigate risks and automate cost calculations

RFIs to improve visibility and accountability

Submittals to streamline your processes

Document management to store and access documents

Specifications to simplify spec management

Want to know how Fieldwire can boost your productivity? Schedule a demo today!

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