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SUEZ Consulting uses Fieldwire on numerous engineering projects, while aiming to reduce social inequalities.

SUEZ Consulting

At SUEZ Consulting, we are committed to help heal our planet. Together with our clients, our teams are supporting them in the realization of projects effectively contributing to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and with a positive impact on our planet!

With expertise in water, waste, mobility, energy, climate and urban development, our 1,200 passionate changemakers deliver consulting & engineering expertise services to local authorities and public entities aiming to develop their territories sustainably. SUEZ Consulting also supports industrial clients desiring to adapt their production tools in line with the energy transition.

Proud of our long-standing expertise, we cover the full value chain from strategic studies for Governments, infrastructure design and supervision of projects in more than 70 countries, assisting in environmental transition, and bridging the socio-economic regional gaps.

Key Facts for the redevelopment of the boulevard Savine in Marseille:

  • Our mission : Design and implementation monitoring
  • Amount of works: 16 M EUR
  • Project Size: 14,475 m²

Use Cases

  • Plan management
  • Reporting
  • Deficiencies

SUEZ Consulting uses Fieldwire on a variety of consulting missions in project management. From installing high speed fiber optic internet cables in the Gers and Lot-et-Garonne departments of France, to managing the urban renewal operations of Soleam in the “La Savine” and “Château-Gombert” districts of Marseille. SUEZ Consulting also uses Fieldwire for building inspections and environmental monitoring of works. One prominent example is in the South of France for the Occitanie regional council.

SUEZ Consulting has recently benefited from using Fieldwire during the design and build phases of a urban renewal project in Marseille, reinvigorating a low-income neighborhood in the north of the city. The Savine project, as it’s called, aims to achieve a better quality of life and social integration through improved infrastructure and architecture. The operation is being managed by SOLEAM (local equipment and development company of the metropolitan area), on behalf of the Marseille Metropolitan Authority, and consists of creating a major central hub on the eastern side of the Aygalades valley, at the crossroads of the Tuves valley and the Boulevard de la Savine, in the 15th arrondissement of Marseille. The total cost of the 6 operations concerned is €16 million excluding tax.

Plan management

Working as a project manager for SUEZ Consulting on the Savine urban renewal project, Sarah Laulhe must juggle between the requests of public authorities mandating the project and the general and subcontractors. It’s crucial for her and her team at SUEZ Consulting that the plans designed by the building company meet the criteria stipulated by Soleam.

“Once the building companies have been chosen to execute the work, they have to take ownership of our design plans to create what we call ‘execution plans’, which will be used by the workers on the site,” says Sarah Laulhe. Sarah and her team will then check that the execution plans meet client expectations, and that the project will stay within the allotted budget.

“We use Fieldwire to make remarks on these plans. We use markups and tasks to note which parts of these execution plans need to be reworked and what can be improved until the plan is correct.”

By using this process to compare proposed execution plans to client requirements, SUEZ Consulting can ensure they deliver a high quality project for their clients.


SUEZ Consulting recommends Fieldwire for its teams who wish to digitize their field operations to gain in productivity. Centralizing all the worksite data in one platform, such as Fieldwire, has allowed their team to access necessary information more rapidly.

“We gather a lot of information on our site visits. Fieldwire allows us to access all of the notes, photos and markups in real time.”

Claire-Sophie Chevalier, Senior Project manager in charge of digitizing site operations, SUEZ Consulting

“Because the information is historical and centralized in Fieldwire, we do not waste time opening various documents to find data. We can quickly sort and filter the collected data to produce as many reports as needed.” Previously, the SUEZ Consulting team was wasting time hunting down information in different systems to generate reports. Using Fieldwire Task Reports, SUEZ Consulting can increase productivity while improving communication with its clients.

“We make a lot of reports,” says Chevalier. “The added value that we bring to the client lies in our ability to organize and communicate information, so that each stakeholder in the project receives the necessary information, ultimately ensuring the success of the project.”

With SUEZ Consulting acting as the bridge between Soleam and the building companies on the Boulevard Savine project, it’s essential for Sarah Laulhe’s team to keep every project stakeholder informed. Because editing a report is so fast on Fieldwire, SUEZ Consulting’s engineers are able to focus on their technical expertise rather than filling out paperwork.


In addition to using plan viewing and reporting features, SUEZ Consulting also uses Fieldwire as an essential tool for the punch process.

“All of our General Contracting colleagues recognize the value of using Fieldwire for the punch process,” says Chevalier. SUEZ Consulting uses Fieldwire to communicate deficiencies with the contractors on the ground. “We usually have 2 – 3 specialty contractors per site, such as a structural works company, an electrician, etc. We use Fieldwire to tell each contractor what they need to complete to finish construction. We also use it to inform the customer of what needs to be finalized.”

SuezConsulting UtilisationFieldwire sur smartphone

Fieldwire is a central place to create, track, and share the progress of deficiencies with their clients.

A lasting partnership that scales with SUEZ Consulting

SUEZ Consulting has highly recommended Fieldwire to other construction businesses and the company’s use of Fieldwire has grown since Sarah Laulhe’s team first tested Fieldwire in 2016.

“When we recommend Fieldwire to our colleagues, we will pay for their licenses until they are convinced it is the best solution to complete their missions. Once they are convinced, the agency to which they belong pays for their own licenses, so they can use Fieldwire on any project.”

Sarah Laulhe, Urban Planning and Transport Project Engineer at SUEZ - Consulting & Engineering Unit

Such a policy has helped SUEZ Consulting in scaling up its use of Fieldwire, which has translated to more time saved on its projects throughout France.

Furthermore, Fieldwire’s transparent pricing model has guaranteed its success for SUEZ Consulting. Many other jobsite management softwares are priced based on the size of the project, which can result in additional costs for team members who might not be using the software. SUEZ Consulting decided to use Fieldwire because of the flexible, per-user pricing model better suited to its needs. With this in mind, SUEZ Consulting is reassured that they know exactly how much the software will cost regardless of the number or size of their projects.

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