Why Fieldwire

Fieldwire vs paper

Fieldwire is the best solution to replace paper plans for construction teams. Keep your teams up-to-date by having all your plans available anywhere, anytime.

construction plan management software


Load your plans and access them anywhere and at any time.


Markup plans to coordinate with other project stakeholders.


Have the latest revisions automatically synced.

Use Fieldwire and stop printing plans

No more printing and carrying paper plans

Paper plans still work, but it’s limited. Fieldwire allows construction teams to coordinate more efficiently, track performance, and reduce the risk of rework.

  • Share Plans with your team for extra visibility

  • Markup your as-builts easier to improve collaboration

  • Reference Files, Tasks, Photos, RFIs, and more on your Plans

Plan view of firestop construction project on mobile phone
Customer Story - Tekworks - Wayne Vandell - 130x130px circle

“Fieldwire allows us to track everything as it happens. I don't have to go back through notepads, binders, emails, or spreadsheets. The mobile app shows me everything to address.”

Wayne VanDell, Director of Projects at TekWorks

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What Fieldwire offers over paper

Allow real-time access to plans, enabling efficient communication, and collaboration among team members.

  • Automate slip sheeting so the entire team always has the correct version

  • Upload as many revisions are needed

  • Printing costs are recurring and add up over time

Customer Story - Colt Builders - Phil Blake

“Es muy valioso que todos tengan su propia lista de tareas y que puedan revisar cada mañana. Esto les permite saber lo que necesitan lograr hoy y elimina un montón de notas escritas a mano, llamadas telefónicas y correos electrónicos".

Phil Blake, director general regional de Colt Builders

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