Security 101 - Progettazione e installazione di sistemi di sicurezza integrati

Fieldwire fornisce a Security 101 gli strumenti per la gestione di trasparenza, documentazione e collaborazione ideali per i loro progetti di sviluppo e installazione di reti di sicurezza elettronica in tutti gli Stati Uniti.

Security 101 - Integrated Security Design and Installation

Security management is an integral part of a broad range of businesses, and there are ample and unique considerations to take into account when it comes to security in construction. Security 101, a leader in the industry and one of the fastest-growing commercial security firms, specializes in integrated system design, engineering, and installation for electronic security networks on a variety of projects. Though based in Florida, they have offices throughout the U.S. to deliver best-in-class security systems anywhere in the country.

"Fieldwire has definitely saved us time and money. The biggest advantage it brings us is customer reassurance. I can give them a timeline of our activity and they can see development via the app, and that used to be the hardest thing for customers to track before we started using Fieldwire."

Alex Plotkin, Lead Technician, Security 101

Peace of Mind for Customers

Alex Plotkin, Lead Technician at the Charlotte, NC branch of Security 101, relies on Fieldwire to help improve communication with his customers. His primary focus is electronic systems for industrial and commercial security projects, which can include access control, cameras and video surveillance, intrusion detection, and general integration. With such an intricate web of automatic functions to enable for each job, it's a big help having a project management tool that comfortably organizes all files and records major progress in his back pocket.

"We use Fieldwire to manage our projects," says Plotkin. "It has a lot of documentation features and offers support for our technicians. We have many repeat customers and using Fieldwire has been the easiest way for us to get rid of email chains and be able to collaborate together via text on projects."

Customer Story - Security 101 - 1

By efficiently housing all project data within Fieldwire, Plotkin and his team never need to worry about locating vital information when performing their engineering and installation services. This high-level organization also demonstrates to their customers how committed Security 101 is to staying on top of every little detail, providing the most comprehensive security system possible. The reliable structure arranged by Fieldwire instills confidence in Security 101's customers, helping earn their trust in the quality of the service they receive. The app even comes in handy when initially courting new clients.

"I've actually created a few demo projects for our bids. We sometimes bid jobs using a mock Fieldwire project to show how we can build and manage their systems effectively, especially from the service side. It's great for convincing customers that their projects will be in safe hands."

Documentation and Transparency

There are a multitude of steps involved in the implementation of one of Security 101's systems. From the very first site survey and security assessment to having their system development specialists design the right blend of protection, Plotkin's team does a thorough job seeing to any customer's particular challenges. Installation tasks and site drawings are monitored and updated within Fieldwire so these numerous items can be worked on in real-time. No matter what stage of development they are in, Fieldwire keeps them in tune without a hitch.

"There are a lot of layers to security integration," says Plotkin. "We're involved in pretty much every phase of most construction projects, and with Fieldwire we're able to document each of those phases and transition management as needed. We'll be involved with all of it from the initial conduit installation to making sure the proper infrastructure is in place through different segments of a facility, as well as our cabling. Then that leads to programming, integration, and other complexities. We'll be working with the customers from groundbreaking all the way to when the contractors have left, just to make sure our product fits their needs. Being able to transition through all of these phases by using the same tasks and checklists in Fieldwire helps us track everything successfully."

Customer Story - Security 101 - 3

This also helps Security 101 successfully build a rapport with their customers by delivering progress updates to them on demand. Transparency and quick notifications are the fortunate byproducts of the app's task management system. With Fieldwire at their side, customers will never have any doubt about the project trajectory or schedule when Plotkin can easily send detailed tasks or as-built drawings to quell any uncertainty.

"Fieldwire has definitely saved us time and money. The biggest advantage it brings us is customer reassurance. I can give them a timeline of our activity and they can see development via the app, and that used to be the hardest thing for customers to track before we started using Fieldwire. A lot of times they weren't able to see the end goal, and now with the app we're able to better articulate that end goal to them. They can see the big picture and all of the little things broken down and tracked within Fieldwire.

"When they have questions, I can simply export redlined blueprints or send them a report. Just having that data readily available and being able to give them what they need when they need it and from anywhere is great. We can reassure them that we are staying ahead of the project, so they end up asking us fewer questions, sending fewer emails, and requesting fewer meetings. We're able to stay more organized with Fieldwire, which saves us time, and we can stay more streamlined and run a smaller crew on projects, which saves us money."

Customer Story - Security 101 - 2

In Safe Hands

Security 101 offers top-tier protection and infrastructure for a growing list of organizations, and their partnership with Fieldwire remains a key component of that success. The firm is dedicated to providing long term security implementation regardless of each customer's scope, so by boosting their documentation methods and the ability to share that progress data with their customers, Alex Plotkin and his team are building greater trust and saving vital time so that they can make projects more secure at a quicker pace. Security 101's results can be replicated by anyone who feels just as safe placing their faith in Fieldwire.

"I would recommend Fieldwire, and the biggest thing I would say to those unfamiliar with software like this is to simply not be afraid of using it. If you can fully commit to using it to manage your projects, that's when it's going to start saving you time and money."

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