The all-in-one app for civil teams

Fieldwire’s construction management software helps field and office teams stay in scope and on budget by providing full project visibility from start to finish.

Construction workers use Fieldwire on a tablet to get information on the field.

Editing and tracking

Record your markups and as-builts with easy-to-use mobile editing; verify with photos and videos.

Simplify safety protocols

Use the same pre-loaded checklists and templates across each project to ensure consistency.

Field productivity

Improve productivity in the field by putting the information they need right on their mobile devices.

Innovative solutions for civil contractors

Improve communication and data sharing

Change is constant in construction, and miscommunication in changes can quickly lead to errors and costly rework.

  • Enable real-time conversations with push notifications for faster decision-making and resolution
  • Access, edit, and view as-built drawings from any device at any time
  • Ensure everyone is working off the same set of plans with automatic version control
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"Time has been our biggest savings, and when you save time you save money naturally."

Josh Cole, Senior Project Manager, James E. Harris

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Streamline safety management

Fieldwire’s user-friendly software empowers Civil teams to increase jobsite safety, optimize productivity and enhance revenue.

  • Create custom documents for safety management, quality control, etc., through customizable forms
  • Automatically maintain a database of all completed forms
  • Utilize task features in Fieldwire to generate personalized reports, ensuring all stakeholders are informed about work progress
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"Ur projektadministrationssynpunkt är det helt avgörande. Ett program som Fieldwire gör verkligen saker och ting mycket enklare och mycket mer effektiva. Jag kan absolut rekommendera det."

Matt McGarry, projektledare, Deerpath

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Address labor shortages

Stay ahead in an industry that is experiencing a shortage of skilled and affordable labor and make every hour count.

  • Enhance efficiency and foster increased transparency in your scheduling and day-to-day tracking of work
  • Store all tasks, plans, photos, forms, and reports in one location, accessible from any device, anywhere
  • Minimize onboarding time and prevent errors with clear and transparent task management and communication
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