Better communication and easier documentation: How subcontractors use Fieldwire

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Specialty contractors manage multiple projects at a time, and it can be easy to lose track of project information. Adopting a construction management app that can be tailored to your company’s needs can help coordinate and document your activities, avoiding potential mistakes and costly rework. Fieldwire is a jobsite management software suited for companies of all trades and sizes. Subcontractors around the world are using Fieldwire to ensure the field teams perform work correctly, to coordinate scheduling with general contractors and, most importantly, to document and keep records of the work done and be able to report to their clients.

Learn from specialty contractors around the world how Fieldwire can improve communication and coordination between field and office.

Planning and coordinating

For Elektro Scherer e.K., the main challenge with construction management was knowing which employee was in charge of what project. Since adopting Fieldwire, the German electrical contractor has control over the work being done by the teams, and can document all their activities.

“Communication has become significantly easier and faster since using Fieldwire. It is an incredible advantage for us and also for the customer, because not only do we save time, but the planning and the documentation are available for the client. This means we have gained transparency without any additional effort”, says Christian Scherer, Project Manager at Elektro Scherer e.K.

The subcontractor handles their construction project planning by having the office team schedule and assign tasks. The field teams can then access the information in real time using the jobsite management app, and have full visibility of the project’s planning and progress.

Sharing up-to-date plans

Construction projects start with blueprints, and thanks to Fieldwire, SPIE Stangl Technik’s teams have access to the most up-to-date plans. Expert in the field of technical equipment, the Czech subcontractor uploads all their blueprints to Fieldwire’s construction management app. The field and office teams can then compare individual plans, add markups and annotations, link photos and documents and, last but not least, add tasks to a specific location on the blueprint. "Fieldwire not only saves us time, but also reduces the risk of forgetting something. It also minimizes risks from others”, says Radek Kříž, Head of the Power Department at SPIE Stangl Technik.

Communicating between field and office

Italian electrical contractor Redel adopted Fieldwire to digitize processes and communication between construction sites and offices. The real-time push notifications allow the teams to ask questions on a specific task and accelerate decision-making and problem resolution. Having all communication centralized in one place also makes it quicker to find information and helps avoiding mistakes.

“We chose Fieldwire because it saves us a lot of time. The work process has improved a lot”, says Giuseppe Nunnari, Qualified Engineer at Redel. “In a very short period of time, Fieldwire has become indispensable for our daily activities, whether it be for real-time communication or for determining the location of tasks. All we need is at our fingertips.”

Tracking progress

With Fieldwire’s construction management software, Semeru’s office teams can track their projects’ progress without needing to go on site. The app has been an easy way for the French subcontractor, who specializes in technology, transport and facility management, to quickly share information.

Working from the field, Semeru’s Operational Manager Seddik Belaidouni uses Fieldwire forms to check the work done. He then sends daily progress reports to the project manager. “With the app, we manage to better organize work on the field. Fieldwire reduces my workload.”

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