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Last month, we invited two valued Fieldwire users to speak at our Summer Product Update Webinar. Pierce Junker, Quality Control Inspector at High Speed Rail Joint Venture, along with Michael Huff, Director of Project Management at Dean Snyder Construction shared their Fieldwire use cases with the audience.

While explaining their experiences working with the Fieldwire platform and team, it became clear that the software improved work efficiency by helping both field and office leaders stay organized.

Just like other construction companies, Pierce and his team are required to detail the work that they’ve completed for the purposes of construction quality control (CQC):

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Not only is information being jumbled up together with little organization, but the time it took to dissect these reports in order to track overall progress became a challenge.

“So we found looking for these reports that contain some of this information took some extra time to track down and we can get lost in that jumble…that process has been a huge stress factor because items end up missing,” explains Pierce.

After integrating Fieldwire into their workflows, Pierce and his team began using Fieldwire’s Task checklists and built them out like CQCs. They see tremendous improvement in tracking progress:

“And it’s really changed how we track our work…and now it’s really easy.”

Aside from data tracking, Pierce explains that Fieldwire’s customer support has helped them integrate the platform into their workflows and get it off the ground and moving. He also explains that Fieldwire’s ease of use meant little to no learning curve for his team, which saved everyone time and frustration.

Michael also chimed in with a similar story. He explains that prior to Fieldwire, his team’s workflow relied on both paper and digital which led to confusion.

“There were paper copy items that were filled out. Some of the other forms were being filled out electronically, but the saving of those files was a painful process. It led to errors, missing files, or people just not filling them out cause they were confused or frustrated."

With Fieldwire, Michael explains that it has been simple and easy for the team, particularly when it comes to filling out Forms:

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