Fieldwire in the news, August 2018 roundup

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We wanted to share with you coverage about Fieldwire and stories we’ve contributed to across the construction industry and trade press. Recently, Fieldwire has been featured in publications ranging from Construction Executive to Glassdoor to CommercialCafé. Let’s take a look at highlights from each piece:

Construction Executive: "Technology and the Labor Shortage: Automation Can Empower Workers"

While the prevailing notion is that automation will replace workers, in the construction industry the opposite is true. Writing in Construction Executive, Yves Frinault, Fieldwire co-founder and CEO, explains how technology will empower workers on the jobsite. The truth is that the construction industry is facing a serious shortage of skilled labor. This labor shortage can be overcome by empowering workers on the jobsite through smart technology. There is a great deal of fear workers will be replaced by technology and automation in the near future, but, according to Yves Frinault, that is not likely:

“While robots can be easily trained and managed, they lack one crucial quality: adaptability. Human workers can adapt to different situations and make decisions based on their critical thinking skills.”

Should we be cautious of technology, or use it to our benefit? Read Yves Frinault’s full commentary about the future of construction automation.

Glassdoor: "How to Attract Millennials & Gen Z to Blue-Collar Jobs"

Blue collar industries face a major labor shortage. Writing for Glassdoor, Yves explains his thoughts on the society’s belittling view of blue collar jobs, why we’re making a big mistake, and how we can encourage young people to pursue a blue collar career. Today, many parents push their children to pursue a college degree solely because there is a stigma attached to blue-collar careers. In some countries, craftsmen are revered. We need to follow their lead and discard the stigma against blue-collar professions. Currently, we are already facing a shortage of skilled-labor. There simply are not enough young people willing to work with their hands and learn a trade. Yves outlines five ways companies can overcome the skilled labor-shortage, and adds:

“My hope is that we can begin to appreciate our mechanics and plumbers as much as we do our doctors and lawyers. In doing so, more young people will realize blue-collar jobs offer rewarding careers that pay well and make meaningful contributions to society.”

Have you been impacted by the skilled-labor shortage? Learn five ways to overcome the labor shortage.

CommercialCafé: Expert Insights: Improving Productivity with Construction Software

Recently, author Andi Luscan at CommercialCafé sat down with our Yves Frinault to discuss how software can be used to improve jobsite productivity. Did you know that the construction industry is one of the least digitized industries in the U.S.? Only hunting and agriculture are less digitized. Construction workers spend only 30% of their time on actual construction work. The rest of their time is spent gathering resources and tools, and trying to communicate with others on the site. With the right technology, we can give that lost time back to the worker and drive productivity on the jobsite. However, adoption can be a difficult process. Software needs to be easy to use and create value for the craftsmen on the jobsite. Yves highlighted the growing adoption of technology:

“As everyone on the jobsite gets more comfortable using software on their smartphones and tablets, field adoption will also naturally increase.”

Technology needs to empower our people on the jobsite, not hold them back. Check out the interview to learn how technology will modernize the jobsite.

FitSmallBusiness: Editorial review of Fieldwire

With thousands of user reviews out there it can be tough to cut through the noise and determine true value. FitSmallBusiness’s Abigail Orencia does just that. Using customer reviews she writes an assessment of Fieldwire that is clear, thoughtful, and to the point. It includes a summary of Fieldwire user reviews, a list of useful features, and frequently asked questions. A favorite quote from the article:

“Users said that the program is intuitive and that the support team is responsive. Many users also mentioned that the rates are affordable.”

Abigail Orencia, FitSmallBusiness

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