Fieldwire for Lean Construction

Join CEO and Founder of Jenco Electric, Kelly Anderson and Fieldwire Construction Success Manager, Kendra Sutherland as they discuss using Fieldwire to implement Lean principles.

Join us on Wednesday, October 12th

Hear from Kelly Anderson of Jenco Inc. as he shares practical applications of Fieldwire for Lean Construction and how he has practiced lean for over 30 years to continuously improve his business and show respect for his employees.

Date: Wednesday, October 12th

Time: 9:00AM PDT

We look forward to seeing you!

Meet the hosts

Presented by our Fieldwire expert and a special client speaker

Kendra Sutherland

Fieldwire Construction Success Manager

Before joining Fieldwire, Kendra Sutherland worked as a sole proprietor, an estimator, a project coordinator, and a project engineer in the landscape and commercial construction industries. She is passionate about Lean Construction and technologies for optimizing team performance.

Kelly Anderson

Jenco Electric CEO and Founder

Kelly Anderson is the CEO and Founder of Jenco Electric. After working as an electrician for his entire adult life, Kelly founded Jen Electric in 1990 on the principle that recurring business was key to its long-term success. His interpretation of “recurring business” even applied to their own employees and their long-term employment by providing opportunities to grow and develop in their careers at the company. Exemplifying one of Lean’s core tenets, respect for people.

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