AV Technology Trends for Low Voltage Technicians in 2021

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In a post-pandemic world, AV technology is vital for keeping people together despite being so far apart. It is for this reason that low voltage technicians must stay up to date with AV technology trends — to help families and friends feel connected in a socially-distanced society.

Now more than ever, employers and employees are also relying on AV technology to stay productive, safe, and engaged. Which is why low voltage technicians and electricians must familiarize themselves with the following technology trends to stay relevant in 2021.

Emerging AV technology trends for low voltage technicians

Virtual meeting technology: With a large chunk of the population working from home, the demand for virtual meeting technology has never been greater. Why? Humans yearn for physical contact. In order to keep employees connected, many employers are investing in software platforms like GoToMeeting and Zoom. Some are even turning to Microsoft's Virtual Stage, an application that leverages Azure Kinect sensors and AI technology to record people at home in immersive environments.

Ultra high definition (UHD): If the only way for employees to see each other (for now) is through a screen or on a virtual stage, video quality must be high. Therefore, low voltage technicians may see UHD become the standard for video conferencing as more displays start to support this resolution.

Digital signage: Gone are the days when event organizers could hand out flyers, swap trade show swag, or even shake someone's hand. Hence why they’re turning to LCD and LED video walls to effectively communicate with buyers in a socially-distanced world. In addition to being safe and inexpensive, video walls (or digital signs) are fully customizable — an underrated perk in an ever-changing landscape.

Wireless audio equipment: The last thing anyone needs right now is an injury caused by a bunch of hazardous cords in the home. Which is why wireless audio equipment is gaining momentum. Not only is it safer, but it simply just looks better. And that’s what 65% of the population cares about right now: Having a good-looking home! In fact, two-thirds of Americans report they have undergone a home improvement project as a result of COVID-19.

Array microphones: These devices allow low voltage technicians and audio technicians to capture broadcast-quality sound from a safe range — whether that’s from in front, above, or beside a speaker. So no more grubby windscreens or sub-par audio in 2021!

Other technology trends to follow

Holographic imaging: Nothing beats the rush of seeing your favorite performer live in concert. Which is why event planners may request the installation of holographic imaging. Created when a beam of laser light is split in two, holographic images create the illusion of something real, for example, your favorite performer being at arm's-length. In a world where human interaction is slim, this technology could be a game-changer!

Ambient light reflecting (ALR) screens: A popular choice for entertainment lovers and pretty much anyone at home with a Netflix account. These advanced screens, referred to as diffuse reflectors, allow people to watch their favourite movie, clearly, regardless of the amount of light in a room or the direction it is coming from.

AI-powered computer vision software: This software can help shop owners monitor the number of people entering a store. How? It integrates with security cameras for accurate occupancy monitoring. Even better, this software can identify whether a customer is wearing a mask — making it a safe and simple solution for weary businesses about to reopen.

Shop owners are also turning to digital signs (discussed above) to keep shoppers engaged while they queue outside. Using digital displays, they can customize and loop video content like store promotions and COVID-19 safety plans.

Thermal-imaging cameras: As you can probably guess, these devices measure the surface skin temperature of people entering a building. But the best thing about these devices is that the person controlling them can do so from a safe and/or remote location.

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