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We’re excited to announce that EllisDon, one of Canada's top construction services and consulting companies, has chosen Fieldwire to drive jobsite productivity across all of their projects.

This relationship has been growing deeper and deeper over time. In fact, the $3.5 billion contractor’s decision to standardize on Fieldwire comes after more than three years of usage across hundreds of projects. EllisDon deployed and used the jobsite coordination platform on major projects including Brookfield Place in Calgary, Providence Care Hospital in Kingston, the York University Subway in Toronto, and the recently begun $9 billion Vancouver airport expansion project.

The Chief Technology Officer of EllisDon, Tom Strong, was focused on how to drive innovation across the company, saying:

“The construction industry is changing at a rapid pace. Leveraging technology allows us to further drive productivity at the project level. Fieldwire helps our project teams deliver very high quality results by connecting us seamlessly with our clients and trade partners.”

Tom Strong, Chief Technology Officer, EllisDon

For EllisDon, it’s all about collaboration, and that’s why our partnership with them covers all of their internal employees as well as trade partners, clients, architects, and consultants involved in EllisDon’s projects. Tom Strong added, "By providing Fieldwire to anyone involved on our projects, we promote transparency and ownership in our construction process".

Read the full press release to learn more about why we are excited to enter this new phase in our partnership with EllisDon.

We also have stories of EllisDon's success on specific projects:

At Providence Care Hospital, EllisDon Assistant Project Manager Mike Armstrong said that “Fieldwire is absolutely saving us time because we’ve got all of our contractors on it, we can assign tasks and deficiencies to them right away,” and that Fieldwire “probably saved us needing 2-3 QA/QC people, in all honesty.” On that project, EllisDon is responsible for $350 million of the overall $800 million project, including maintaining the project over the next 30 years as a part of a design-build-finance-maintain (DBFM) venture.

At Brookfield Place in Calgary, Fieldwire was used not just throughout the construction process, but also to facilitate handover from the construction team to the operations and maintenance team. This enabled EllisDon and Brookfield to work hand-in-hand to make sure construction was completed up to standard, and then smoothly transition to the operations phase. Ultimately, this enabled them to reach closeout much faster. Drew Woods, Assistant Project Manager, said “Fieldwire is really handy to have in the field not only during construction, but also during the close-out and the deficiency management phase.”

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