Fieldwire Announces Nested Locations to Streamline your Turnover Process and Resolve Issues Faster

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Managing work on projects with several buildings and rooms is complicated. With so many different areas, floors, or units, it’s difficult to ensure work in an exact location is completed efficiently and accurately. The lack of more granular on-site location information also makes it tough to let your clients know the work has been completed up to spec.

Today, we’re super excited to announce the release of nested locations!

Nested locations

Previously, Fieldwire users were able to create one layer of locations on a project. With only one layer of locations, it was challenging to figure out where exactly outstanding issues happened. In the case of a multi-family residential project, for example, there might be only one or a few plans referenced but hundreds of units within those plans. This made it tough to show the work done in each unit to the client.

Now, Fieldwire Admins, on all subscription plans, can create up to five layers of location nesting. You’re able to easily create new locations if you’re starting a new project or have only a few locations on your existing project. If you have a large project with hundreds — or even thousands — of locations, we’ll provide a detailed walkthrough on how to import them. These additional location tiers help teams easily connect work to specific spaces. This way, if an issue should arise, crews can quickly identify where an issue came up and triage faster. Get started with this support article.

"Because we're used to handling things on a per unit basis, the ability to filter down into specific locations helps our team know exactly what's wrong with a particular unit whenever they're walking unit-by-unit."

Ashley Brightwell, Director of Quality Assurance & Quality Control, Mill Creek Residential

With the release of nested locations, Fieldwire Admins can also create new locations on their mobile device. By setting up your locations on the web app and only allowing Fieldwire Admins to create locations on mobile, you’ll ensure location names are standardized across your project. This means your reports will be more consistent when filtering by locations. Get started with this support article.

"With Fieldwire's nested locations, we have standardized locations across our project, which eliminates inconsistencies when crew members listed locations in task titles."

Azerhan Turan, Commercial Manager, Hill International

Today’s release of nested locations underscores Fieldwire as the #1 construction management platform for the field. By adding more granular locations, you’re able to create more standardization across your project and streamline the turnover process to your client.

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