Use Case: Change Order Management

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Construction, much like time, is always changing as it rolls along. But unlike the clock, you can turn back construction - anytime a new development adds or removes work from the original scope of your contract, you are able to adapt the terms to reflect that update. Construction change orders are a common occurrence in this line of work because, again like time, construction is money. It can cost a pretty penny to build all these great things, and financials always come under the closest scrutiny, so the importance of staying on top of change order metrics becomes clear. If only you had some way of efficiently organizing all of your project data in one simple place...yes, if only…

Fieldwire Use Case: Change Order Management

Documenting Change Orders

Fieldwire has you covered when it comes to documenting your project’s particulars, including any unforeseen circumstances. Change orders require records to justify their effort, and with the Fieldwire construction app, you can keep track of every little detail and notify everyone - colleagues, clients, anyone involved - of any potential impacts to construction cost. Each task update is recorded with a timestamp so you can see a complete chronological history, and tasks can be assigned to certain clients so they stay informed and can approve potential adjustments. When the time comes to send in the official change order form, you can include a PDF report or the exported data from a specific task via email to further support the contract updates. Since construction change orders can often be contentious, it’s a definite benefit to have a clear paper trail at hand, and the Fieldwire app makes that possible with minimal effort.

There’s a mountain of old adages that foreshadow a sudden change in plans. Murphy’s Law likes to take root in a lot of construction projects, or change could come from something as benign as a client wanting to expand their original vision. Whatever the reason, experienced field teams know the value of being prepared for anything, be it a delay in getting approval to proceed with work, or unstable soil conditions, or complications with an unmarked utility on-site. You have to be able to work change order requests into the equation and stay on top of project updates. Fieldwire guarantees that everyone will be alerted to random acts of god and man with push notifications generated by task updates. Decisions can’t be made unless the decision makers are in the know, so our notification system will deliver that knowledge and protect your project against any unsanctioned modifications being made.

Fast-tracking Construction Change Orders

There’s also the risk of project change order pricing coming back in late, and that lost time might make people hazy regarding the details. Or maybe the PM is assembling the change order form, but it was the super who dealt with the issue out in the field, so some important information may have been lost via secondhand. There is any number of tricky obstacles in the construction change order process. The Fieldwire construction app keeps a record of all updates, comments, photos, and attachments placed in your project, so the details you’re looking for stay grouped together. How’s that for putting an end to drawing blanks? Transferring data between teammates becomes instantaneous and comically easy, and setting manpower and cost statistics per task as a project requirement simplifies your troubles even further. And if the change order template was planned before fieldwork even started, you can still organize all of the related documents in the same way. Whether it's an engineering change order, contractor change order, or any level of alteration along the way, you can manage the change order process effectively in Fieldwire.

When road bumps emerge and prevailing winds change on you, there’s no longer any reason to suffer delays while compiling your change orders. Time (and due dates) will seldom wait, so having Fieldwire tucked in your toolbelt will boost accountability and get your team approved and back to work faster than ever. Change orders in construction don't need to be managed by bending over backwards. We specifically designed the best construction app for this kind of data sharing and cataloging so you’ll never misplace or lose sight of your objectives again. Change may come from out of nowhere, but Fieldwire will make certain you’re prepared for it time and again.

Fieldwire is free for small teams on Apple iOS, Android, and on the web. We already support 1,000+ companies across 35,000+ projects, and we’d love to work with you!

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