How Low Voltage Contractors Improve Client Satisfaction

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The construction industry has garnered a reputation for being chronically over budget and behind schedule. This perception, however accurate or inaccurate, can impact how clients respond to your work. Consequently, construction crews need to try their best to maximize client satisfaction.

Since construction is such a multifaceted sector, improving client satisfaction often means finding the best subcontractors for each part of the project. Hiring experts to tackle their areas of expertise instead of doing everything yourself leads to better finished products. One particular type of subcontractor you should consider is low voltage contractors.

Here’s more on the specifics of how low voltage contractors improve client satisfaction.

Optimize internet connections

Nearly every building occupant today will expect some kind of internet infrastructure. Most internet cables today operate around or below 30V, placing them comfortably in the low voltage range. A low voltage contractor can help you make the most of these connections, delivering optimal internet performance for your clients.

Clients’ internet performance will vary depending on their provider, but their building’s infrastructure matters, too. The types of internet cables a building has, and their structure, impact internet connection speeds, bandwidth, and latency. Experienced low voltage contractors will know how to provide the best possible cabling for clients’ connectivity needs.

Optimized Ethernet, coaxial, or fiber optic cabling will impress your clients who rely on the internet. As online services continue to play a more prominent role in business and leisure, this infrastructure will become increasingly crucial.

Improve security

Another critical service low voltage contractors provide is wiring security technologies like CCTV systems. Whether your client is a business owner or a homeowner, they’ll appreciate it if you can offer them more safety. Low voltage contractors will help you maximize the security infrastructure of your project, improving satisfaction.

Security measures today feature more and more electronics. For example, many modern garage door openers have smart technology that alerts users when left open or that closes automatically. Including higher-tech security options like this will impress clients, and low voltage contractors can help you install them.

High-tech security infrastructure helps clients feel safer but can be challenging to install if you aren’t familiar with it. Electrical systems like these can be complicated, so you need an expert to handle their installation and maintenance. Low voltage subcontractors are those experts.

Create smart(er) homes

Connected garage doors and CCTV systems aren’t the only smart electronics today’s clients want. The smart home movement is in full swing, with the market expected to surpass $28.8 billion by the end of 2021. Clients want more connected technologies in their buildings, and you can provide these features, already built-in, with the help of low voltage contractors.

Smart home features can give occupants more control over their utilities, increased security, and optimized energy consumption. These benefits will appeal to potential buyers and raise the market value of your project. You may not know where to start with this kind of technology, but many low voltage subcontractors specialize in it.

Despite their massive popularity, smart home technologies are relatively new. Many traditional electricians may be unfamiliar with them, but these devices are a common focus for low voltage contractors.

Minimize costs

A less immediately obvious way low voltage contractors improve client satisfaction is through lowered costs. The types of wiring and technology these subcontractors handle are increasingly common in construction projects. You’ll have to work with them eventually, so turning to experts can reduce related expenses.

Non-experts working in complicated tasks like low voltage wiring are more likely to make mistakes. Rework from these errors frequently accounts for 9% of total project costs or more. Experts will wire things correctly the first time, preventing rework and lowering your expenses.

When you lower your costs, you do the same for your clients. They’ll be happy that you can provide the lowest expenses possible, especially given the industry’s reputation for cost overruns.

Reduce completion times

Schedule overruns are so common in the construction industry that your clients may expect a certain level of delays. Large projects take 20% longer to complete than scheduled, on average. Shorter completion times will be a pleasant surprise for your clients, and low voltage contractors can help you achieve them.

If someone less familiar with low voltage wiring handles it, they’ll take more time. They may need to double-check to ensure they’re doing it right or slow down to focus. A low voltage contractor will already know how to work with these systems, so they’ll install them efficiently and accurately.

Since experienced subcontractors are less likely to make mistakes, they also save time by avoiding rework. As low voltage wiring makes up an increasing portion of construction work, the time you save by hiring experts will also increase.

Ensure reliability

You can continue to satisfy or dissatisfy your clients after project completion, too. If your building’s infrastructure starts to malfunction or encounter other errors before long, clients aren’t likely to recommend your services. Conversely, if your work holds up over time, you’ll earn a reputation for reliability.

Electronics are some of the most frequently used systems in a building, so clients will notice electrical issues sooner. You must ensure all of your wiring will work as it should, and leaving it to an expert will do that. Low voltage contractors have the expertise to install reliable, lasting systems.

If you have a less experienced or less specialized electrician handle your low voltage wiring, it may not be as reliable. Favoring specialists helps ensure these systems will last, impressing your clients.

The bottom line

Clients may have unfavorable expectations for construction crews, but that gives you a chance to impress them. As low voltage infrastructure becomes a more prominent part of buildings, relevant subcontractors become a more crucial part of your team. Low voltage contractors will deliver a faster, more cost-effective, and more valuable product, resulting in improved client satisfaction.

When you want to go above and beyond client expectations, you need to turn to the experts. In today’s market, low voltage contractors are some of the most helpful experts in the industry.

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