Construction management software for owners

Delivering outcomes with certainty

Construction management software for owners

Increase transparency into construction

Get visibility into the jobsite

As the owner of a construction project, seamlessly track all of your projects with Fieldwire’s unlimited data storage, whether they are just down the road or across the world. Make all your decisions based on up-to-date data. Save time with automatic status updates and progress reports, and refer back to finished or archived projects at any time.

Coordinate across all project stakeholders

Use the same cloud-based jobsite coordination platform for all of your general contractors, subcontractors, and supply partners to get everyone on the same page for all critical decisions. Respond quickly to any queries received from the field without anything getting lost in emails or phone calls. Have instant access to all related documents and photos that you need as a construction owner.

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Simplify handoff from construction to operations

Seamlessly receive completed projects

Good communication at the end of the construction phase of a project means that your operations and maintenance go more smoothly after a construction project is complete. Validate that work has been done to spec with inspections and punch lists in the same platform your contractors use to view plans and manage work.

Perform maintenance based on what was built

Use the archive of the entire history of a project’s mark-ups and as-builts so that the O&M team never has to guess the details of an asset. With Fieldwire, your team doesn’t need to dig through binders full of paper to understand exactly how a project was built.


Reduce exposure to risk

Have a historical record for compliance

Know exactly who did what work, when, where, and why to minimize liability and loss. Generate fully customizable reports on request or on a schedule: see outstanding or completed tasks in a PDF customized for your project contractors. Use the same workflow across all of your projects.

Communicate & address issues in real-time

Organize and record messages around the tasks that need to get done, so no one on your project is prevented from progressing with their work, and handle schedule mitigation right away. Fieldwire helps construction project owners solve problems faster by having everyone align on what a project needs.

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Delivering outcomes with certainty

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