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A home is not a structure built from bricks. A home is a sanctuary to retreat to each day; a treasure chest full of countless memories, and a place that serves as a reflection of our lives.

As we grow, however, and as life changes, it is natural for our homes to change too. When personal style shifts or when families suddenly shrink, homeowner’s turn to renovators and designers for professional advice and assistance. It is their job to help homeowners realize their vision; to listen to their needs, be honest and transparent, and ultimately, convert their dream to reality.

For Carpe Domi, an interior design and renovation company in Paris, positive client relationships are the foundation for success. Through their high-quality work, complete transparency, and ability to stay on budget and schedule, Carpe Domi has fulfilled their ambition to reconcile homeowners with craftspeople. In order to meet their client's needs, the company chose Fieldwire to manage its operations. Today, the platform is used across 100% of the company to nurture customer relations and improve productivity.

Customer Story - CarpeDomi -  Workers

To learn how Carpe Domi use Fieldwire to work four-times faster and strengthen communication, check out our full customer story here. Or, continue reading to uncover three key benefits of using interior renovation software for construction projects:

Build lasting relationships with homeowners

As a home renovation architect, designer, or developer, client satisfaction is the key to your success. Thankfully, this is easily achieved or improved with the help of modern technology and interior renovation software.

Fieldwire’s construction management platform is used on interior renovation projects for real-time communication between homeowners and site teams (including architects, civil engineers, logistics managers, and construction workers). Any request from a homeowner – whether it comes during the initial walkthrough or during closeout – is recorded in Fieldwire and assigned to the appropriate field team. To ensure clients of Carpe Domi are kept in the loop, they share weekly progress reports with them, providing key insights into the renovation of their home. This level of transparency helps clients rest assured that their home is in good hands with Carpe Domi, in turn, helping them establish themselves as a trusted interior renovation contractor in Paris – sustaining a 40% annual growth over the last five years.

Communicate home design changes in real-time

Equipping your employees with the tools they need to collaborate is going to help your home renovation construction projects move forward each day. Having interior renovation software that unites and empowers your team – no matter where they’re located across multiple sites – will set you up for long-term success.

Customer Story - CarpeDomi -  Team

At Carpe Domi, there are 25 employees spread across various home renovation projects in Paris. To ensure each team collaborates efficiently, the company provided all staff with a smartphone – giving them full access to the Fieldwire platform on mobile. This decision to go paperless and work from iPhones loaded with field construction management software also translated into significant time savings. Long email threads and phone calls are no longer needed to get missing information or the latest plans. Everyone has access to the most updated information and can fully focus on the work they do best.

“Getting used to the platform is quick and easy. Just 15 minutes is enough for our workers to be operational.”

Florent Litzow, CEO, Carpe Domi

Stay organized and save time on home renovation projects

With so many ideas and projects to keep track of, it can become quite difficult to stay on schedule, and the longer a project takes to complete, the more dissatisfied your clients will be. It’s important you spend enough time planning at the start of a project — to ensure everyone knows what's expected of them before the actual work begins. Carpe Domi use Fieldwire to plan and prioritize work across a multitude of interior renovation projects. Tasks are assigned to the appropriate worker and annotated with photos and time-stamped messages. This ensures the office and field staff are always on the same page and eliminates the need for unnecessary QA/QC visits to homes under construction. As a result, Carpe Domi spends far less time traveling between jobsites; time they can spend doing the real work.

“Gathering all the project information on a single platform enables our workers to focus on what’s essential and to spend less time coordinating.”

Florent Litzow, CEO, Carpe Domi

To read more about Carpe Domi’s success with interior renovation software, you can read our full story here. To learn more about the Fieldwire platform and how it can work for you, request a demo today.

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