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See how specialty contractor, Donhauser saves 3-4 hours per week with up-to-date drawings in Fieldwire on their most complex projects.

The most successful contractors are those who are committed to delivering high quality projects on time, on budget, and with the highest quality standards. Donhauser, a specialty contractor who focuses on residential, industrial, and commercial projects, keeps these goals in mind when delivering complex projects like “Der Winzerer Hof” in Regensburg. However, a lack of up-to-date drawings in the field was creating rework and threatening to delay projects.

Thomas Donhauser, Managing Director, and Manuel Graf, Construction Manager at Donhauser dedicate their days to improving productivity while maintaining quality standards. After noticing their previous software was falling short, they knew they had to find an alternative to be more proactive in preventing mistakes from happening.

Donhauser at-a-glance

  • Employees: 125
  • Projects: The Winzerer Hof - an award winning 52 apartment residential complex.
  • Sectors served: Residential, industrial, commercial
  • Annual turnover: 50 million euros

Before Fieldwire

Before Fieldwire, the Donhauser team relied on an alternative construction software. The team noticed that it didn’t help them share up-to-date drawings as effectively as they’d like. Oftentimes, crew members would have print plans in the office and go back onsite, only to find out the drawings have now been updated, or in the worst case scenario, significant work has already been completed.

“Plan management was a problem. Because field teams were not accessing the most updated versions of plans, mistakes were made and project length increased as a result.”

Manuel Graf, Construction Manager, Donhauser

Another challenge before Donhauser implemented Fieldwire was making sure every project team, from the in-house architects to the field crews, has visibility into the full history of the project. With so many changes happening between the office and the field on any given day, it was difficult to ensure everyone had access to all the project info they needed.

“Our in-house architects and the planning team use Fieldwire’s Kanban board and Gantt chart for pre-project planning. This helps to document the entire history of the project from conception to construction.”

Manuel Graf, Construction Manager, Donhauser

With Fieldwire

Fieldwire has helped Donhauser improve productivity in the field by providing project teams with up-to-date drawings from anywhere. Before Fieldwire, the process of going back and forth from the office to the field to get drawings wasted tons of time. Because of this inefficient process, there were also instances where mistakes would happen from working off of outdated plans. Now, field crews can quickly see the updated plans and complete work correctly.

“Fieldwire has helped us enhance communication, making it easier for our project teams to reduce mistakes while maintaining our high quality assurance standard.”

Thomas Donhauser, Managing Director, Donhauser

Donhauser has also used Fieldwire as a single source of truth for project information. By connecting all project teams - from their architects to field crews - on a single software, everyone has visibility into the full history of the project from start to finish.

“Fieldwire has helped us enhance transparency and traceability in the company by ensuring important documents are accessible and everyone is working from the same information.”

Thomas Donhauser, Managing Director, Donhauser

The Verdict

Donhauser has used Fieldwire since January 2020 and has seen a significant amount of time savings in the field versus their previous methods. With up-to-date drawings accessible from anywhere, Donhauser project teams are able to complete quality work faster.

“Because of Fieldwire’s 2-way sync with Dropbox, construction managers save 1.5 hours per day and our site supervisors save 3-4 hours per week when conducting reinforcement inspections.”

Manuel Graf, Construction Manager, Donhauser

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