Fieldwire is the best PlanGrid alternative

It starts with who we are

When we set out to help construction teams streamline projects and improve productivity, we wanted to offer more than just another plan viewing tool like PlanGrid. At Fieldwire, we're working to give you the best field management platform in construction. Our mission is to help you understand what you need to do today, then show you where to go to do it. We’re a team of former field engineers and construction experts who understand the challenges and complexities you face each day. To stay connected to your real-world problems, we use Fieldwire to manage our days, too. We also conduct quarterly business reviews to ensure you’re getting the most out of our product. During these conversations, we’ll ask whether you have any ideas for Fieldwire enhancements. After all, 50 percent of our product development has come directly from customer feedback.

Fieldwire is the best PlanGrid alternative

Why construction companies choose Fieldwire over PlanGrid

A more natural way to communicate about the jobsite

Our field management platform is far more than just another glorified checklist. Unlike PlanGrid, Fieldwire gives you a more natural way to communicate with your team. When you document work with photos, videos, messages, and links, Fieldwire makes that real-time flow of information available to your entire team. Better communication means less rework and ensures the work you’re doing is always up to spec.

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"We needed software that could bridge the communication gap between the office and the field. We looked at PlanGrid, Procore, and a few others...But Fieldwire was easy to use and suited our needs perfectly."

Amanda Boyer, Mechanical Engineer at Jarrell Mechanical

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We won’t limit your potential

We’re committed to helping you reach your full potential. We do this by automating your tasks and by providing you with the technology you need to go paperless. Our mobile construction app works offline to ensure you can get work done even without an internet connection. Being able to access your digitized documents and plans under any circumstance gives you the confidence you need to move to a paperless jobsite. And, when it comes to plans, the sky's the limit! Unlike PlanGrid, Fieldwire offers unlimited sheets and projects on both our Pro and Business plans. Like we said, no limits.

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Manage more of the build phase of your project

We know your construction management needs go well beyond plan viewing and punch lists. That's why Fieldwire gives you the tools to manage every step of your project's lifecycle. Sure, like PlanGrid, Fieldwire helps you manage your punch lists and complete your project closeout. But the thing is, we do more than just that! Fieldwire supports you through more of the build phase of your project by being there during groundbreaking, topping off, and turnover. Fieldwire is the one tool you can rely on to get the entire job done.

“The capabilities of the Fieldwire platform are superior to the likes of PlanGrid. Fieldwire’s task management, customer service, and easy-to-use APIs allowed us to use it across the country.”

Carson Kyhl, President, Burnham Nationwide

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The #1 construction app for the field

Two-way synchronization means your plans update in real-time

With Fieldwire’s construction management app, you can quickly access your drawing sets from anywhere, on any device. Fieldwire automatically syncs your plans from Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive for project members to see in real-time. And, unlike PlanGrid, all of your markups, photos, and files associated with those plans will transfer over too. So you can rest assured knowing that you're always working from the latest version of a plan and easily adapt to change on-the-fly.

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Get closer to a paperless jobsite

Going paperless means more than just digitizing plans. It means having all of your frequently used paper forms stored together in one place. Fieldwire gives you this place — to store, manage, and customize all of your construction forms. Having the ability to consolidate all of your paper forms, daily reports, timesheets, safety audit forms, and quality checklists on Fieldwire gets you one step closer to a paperless jobsite.

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“We first started looking for software, played around with a bunch of platforms, and found Fieldwire to be the most compatible and user-friendly. Even the oldest people in the field - who usually want nothing to do with technology - use Fieldwire.”

Robin Beck, Document Control Manager at Graham Group CA

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We’ll let you decide how to use Fieldwire. Not the other way around

Time and time again, we hear from people like you that they chose Fieldwire for its flexibility. Our software is user-friendly, quick to deploy, and unlike PlanGrid, adapts to the way you already work. We seamlessly bring all the moving parts of your day together — your tasks, their content, and their locations — so that you always know where to go and what to do once you get there. No matter whether you’re a subcontractor in the field or a superintendent in the office, Fieldwire will give you the information you need in the way you want it to help you keep moving with confidence.

Pricing that doesn’t lock you out

At Fieldwire, we believe in transparent and flexible pricing. We also believe that no one should be prevented from doing their job because of some arbitrary limit on the number of sheets being used. Fieldwire wants you to have access to what you need when you need it, no matter what. Most importantly, we won’t surprise you with a large bill when it comes time to renew your subscription.

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