The punch list app for the jobsite

Photos, markups, and reports

The punch list app for the jobsite

Punch list use cases

Fieldwire’s punch list app adds both speed and structure to your closeout process. Run a better walkthrough process and assign work directly to the people responsible for getting things done.

D2 - Accurate Walkthrough

Accurate walkthroughs

Conduct more efficient walkthroughs and inspections. Annotate every deficiency directly from the field.

D2 - Effortless Reporting

Effortless reporting

Automatically generate PDF reports and share them with the project team, owner, or architect.

D2 - Easy Handoff

Faster closeout

As deficiencies are addressed, work is documented directly in the platform so nothing falls through the cracks.

Punch list key features

The best punch list app around

Our construction app allows you to complete a walkthrough in minutes while attaching all the pertinent details about each deficiency. Any contractor deficiency reported in Fieldwire can include a location on the blueprints plus photos, checklists, categories, hashtags, and due dates.

Skilled contractors can also attach manpower and cost estimates as well as notes to accurately describe each item in the construction management software. Once you’re done with your punchlist work, you can quickly dispatch the items to the various contractors from your iPhoneiPad, or Android device without ever needing to go back to the office.

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Plan your walkthroughs

Our construction punch list app gives you the tools you need to plan efficient walkthroughs. Create a template for common deficiencies with attached checklists and duplicate them across locations that need a QA/QC review. That way, nothing gets forgotten on site.

When reporting deficiencies, you can assign a due date and leave specific instructions for the trade or specialty contractor. As people add comments and photos to the construction punch list, it will trigger a new notification to be sent directly to you. You can rest assured knowing that no issues have been overlooked.

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Generate reports

It is easy to share your construction punch list with others, whether or not they use Fieldwire. Generate a polished PDF report in seconds by simply exporting all tasks in a given category or status. Then, send that report out to the project team, the project owner, or the architect.

Our punchlist app makes it easy to gather vital data and then share it with all of your colleagues on the fly. You can set up automatic reports to keep your team up-to-date and provide everyone with a basic progress assessment. Our construction punchlist app will help you complete walkthroughs faster and reach closeout smoothly.

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Reach closeout faster

Every item reported in the mobile app will have to go through a two-step verification system. This allows you to move fast while guaranteeing that every deficiency was inspected for accurate completion. With our app, you will reach closeout faster with nothing falling through the cracks.

Once an item is entered in the punch list management software only Fieldwire Admins have the ability to verify the true completion of deficiencies. For example, on an architectural punch list, the general contractor would only be able to mark construction punchlist items as complete, while an architect could verify them.

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